Android screen always always On AMOLED v1.4 b1435 [Pro] Paid Professional Crackedition

Always On AMOLED is a tool on android that can be a constant adblad screen。Now Love Green Soft for everyone to bring android screen constant lying Always On AMOLED paid professional crack version has been updated to1.4 b1435

Always On AMOLED lets you show it to everyone on the lock screen,Whether it's your phone or tablet。Screen display can be maintained at all time。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

The original and the best are always shown to everyone.
Always show your phone or tablet。
Keep the screen on display。
Always display on every device!

The idea is to provide users with time about,Date,Notifications and other information,without touching the phone。Just looking at it.。

This is thanks to the AMOLED display。Except for a few pixels,Most screens remain black。

★ features
Automatic movement - avoid AMOLED aging
Automatic night mode - automatically darkens the screen in dark environments
- Quick lying through the weather
Always on the screen
Notifications - No need to touch your device to view notifications
The ways are always on the memo - write reminders and always display them on the screen!
Double-click to wake up and swipe up to wake up to the volume key to wake up and wake up the button
New features:Take notes quickly! Quickly doodle or write from content that always appears
Music - Quick and easy control of your music!
Automatic Rules - Save batteries with predefined rules
Force Direction - Set your favorite screen orientation
Custom - lots of customization options,Font,Clock style and so on!
Can be used as a night clock
Pocket mode - Lock the device when you put it in your pocket to save battery
Custom watch face-digital S7 style,Classic 24H,Simulating S7 Style,Simulate Pebble styles and more!
New features:Now it has a raise!
New features:Background and wallpaper!
New:New notification smouldering on the edge!
Tasker integration-start/stop always-displayed content,Offer you unlimited possibilities!
Greenify integration - automatically starts Greenify when locking the screen to save battery
Force ze - activate ze when the screen is always on
So much!


Update the log:

New Feature:
Added Notifications Blacklist feature, Now you can disable notifications from the selected apps!


Version description:

1、Stand-alone Android package
2、Repackaged Android App Bundle (Split APK Packer v4.9.2):
3、Language:More Chinese words.
5、Pro feature unlocked
6、Remove Sclashlytics
7、Deleted Firebase Analytics
8、Ad deleted
9、Google Profile deleted
10、Delete the donation bar
11、Added a donation shortcut in the main menu
12、Fixed uninstall function
13、Removed unwanted permissions,Providers,Recipients and services


Download address:


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