Android Screen Always On AMOLED v4.4.3 [Pro] Paid Professional Special Edition

Always On AMOLED is a tool on the Android platform that can be a constant light on the AMOLED screen.。Always On AMOLED lets you show everyone in the lock screen that it's always on.,Whether it's your phone or tablet.。You can keep the screen displayed all the time.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The original and the best are always shown to everyone.
Always show your phone or tablet.。
Keep the screen displayed.。
Always show on every device!

The idea is to provide users with relevant time.,Date,notifications and other information.,without touching the phone.。Just look at it.。

This is thanks to the AMOLED display.。Except for a few pixels.,Most screens remain black.。

★ features.
Auto-move - Avoid AMOLED aging.
Automatic night mode - automatically darkens the screen in dark environments.
A quick look at the weather.
Always on the screen.
Notifications - View notifications without touching your device.
The way is always on the memo - write a reminder and make it always appear on the screen!
Double-click to wake up, swipe up to wake up, and volume key to wake up to the back button to wake up.
New features:Take notes quickly! Quickly doodle or write from what is always displayed.
Music - Control your music quickly and easily!
Automatic Rules - Save the battery with predefined rules.
Force Direction - Set the screen orientation you like.
Custom - Lots of customization options.,Font,Clock style and so on!
Can be used as a night clock.
Pocket mode - Lock the device in your pocket to save battery time.
Custom dial-digital S7 style.,Classic 24H.,Simulate the S7 style.,Simulate Pebble style and more!
New features:Now it's a pay rise!
New features:Background and wallpaper!
New.:Edge glows with new notifications!
Tasker integration - Start/stop always displays content.,Gives you unlimited possibilities!
Greenify Integration - Automatically activates Greenify when locking the screen to save battery life.
Force hit ze - Activate hit ze when the screen is always on.
So much more!


Update the log:

Ⅴ 4.4.3
– Fixed clocks not telling correct time on some devices.
– Fixed UI layout on tablets
– Other bug fix's. & changes


Version description:

1、Professional features unlocked

2、Offline mode - Cut off all network tracking.

3、Remove additional donation options from the toolbar

4、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

5、Analytics/Crashtics disabled


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