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Given the increasing number of users on the site,

Someone's asking backstage.,I haven't responded.。

SVIP is a permanent use,Points check-in to get or recharge。



Q:City pass is so rubbish,Why the City Net?

A:City-to-Net Download has a meagre income,We all know that everyone likes white swashes.,You download it at a time will have a little bit of revenue。This revenue is not actually enough to cover the operating costs of the website (server costs)。

Local download links should be added later if funds permit,There is also sVIP exclusive download link。


If the software version has a higher version this site is not updated ,Please leave a message under this article,Reminder updates.。Software not included in this siteClick On My Submission

This information may help you.: Download help | Points to earn instructions | Resource download instructions

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