Android Multi Calculator v 1.7.3 build. 305 [Premium] Paid Unlock

Multi Calculator is a versatile calculator on the Android platform.。Multi Calculator's best multifunction calculators include more comprehensive mathematical and financial calculations.,Calculators for multi-country currency exchange and multiple converters.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The most powerful calculator with multipurpose and conversion capabilities.。
The best multifunction calculator includes more comprehensive mathematical and financial calculations.,Calculators for multi-country currency exchange and multiple converters.。
Try out this powerful set of computing power.,Intuitive,Elegant application.。
The multifunction calculator supports Android Wear's wearable system.。

Multifunction calculator features include.:
Standard calculator.
– Pocket calculator features and adds some mathematical operations.
– The last calculated status is automatically recorded.,And you can review your history at any time.
– Desktop gadgets can be set up to use the calculator directly.
Currency exchange.
– Provides real-time currency exchange rates.
– When the exchange rate is updated.,You can use currency converters offline.。Before you go abroad.,Remember to update it once.。
– The currency name is displayed directly.,Code and country name and flag image.。
Interest calculator.
– Various options are available for calculating interest.:Zero deposit and whole savings.、Save regularly.、Simple interest.、interest and so on.。
– Enhanced hybrid computing capabilities.。 Monthly calculations can be calculated using a mix.、Quarter.、Semi-annual and annual.。
– If you want to know that the accumulation of hundreds of millions of dollars in five years.,Try this set of future value features..
The SALES tax calculator.
– VAT is convenient and fast.
Anniversary Calculator.
– A photograph can record the anniversary.
– Various date calculations are available.
– Day or day count review.
Tip calculator.
– Calculate the tip and split the bill equally.
– Taxes and tips can be calculated separately.
Discount calculator.
– Calculate the discount price. / Discount %
– Additional discount calculations.
Shopping Calculator.
– When shopping.,Shopping is 箄 immediately shows the convenience of instant accounting.。
Loan calculator.
– Supports average payments. / Fixed principal payment amount. / Balloon payment.
– Only interest rate cycles are set.
– Calculate any type of loan.,Such as a mortgage.、Car loans.。
Time Calculator.
– Count the year/month/week/day/hour/minute/second of your calculation time.(25 minutes in hours and 79 minutes in hours.?)
Unit price calculator.
The number converter.
The unit converter.
– Support length.、Area.、Weight.、Volume、Temperature、Time、Speed、Pressure、Force.、Work.、Angle、data and fuel.
Health calculator.
– Using a healthy computer keeps you healthy.
– The ideal weight can be calculated in the same screen.,Bmi(Body Mass Index)and BP.(body fat rate.)
– Switch between metric and imperial systems at any time.
Economical fuel consumption calculator.
– Miles.,capacity and oil prices.,The most economical fuel consumption can be expected.
Size converter.
– Help you convert clothes/shoes from different countries. / Pants. / Shirt. / Bra. / Hat. / Ring size.
– Don't forget your size memo.


Update the log:

– Adds Percent Calculator.
– Makes for app stability.


Version description:

1、Optimize graphics and clean up resources for quick load

2、Professional features unlocked

3、Feature Pack 2018-2019 is unlocked.

4、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

5、Analysis/Crash Analysis Disabled

6、Ads deleted


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