Android Panda Video Compressor & Resizer v1.1.5 Special Edition

Panda Compressor Video. & Resizer is a panda video compression tool on Android.。Now love Green Soft for everyone to bring Android Panda video compressor Panda Video Compressor. & The Resizer Special Edition has been updated. v1.1.5.

Panda video compressor is fully functional.,Easy to use.,After compression, the quality of the picture will not be greatly discounted.。Want to compress video/movie.,The panda video compressor is best.。Fully functional,Compression is easy.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

This new video compressor is created by the Photos and Pictures Zoom app. – Photo. & Picture Resizer was developed by the same group (the app has more than 5 million users).,Rating ★4.6)。

? Panda video compressor is fully functional.,Easy to use.,After compression, the quality of the picture will not be greatly discounted.。

Want to find fast and useful.,Is the app that compresses the video in a single click? You came by a coincidence.。Do you love to play social media?,Want an app to help you compress your video? Find the right place.。Panda Video Compressor is best used to compress videos and upload them to Instagram.、Facebook、Youtube、Whatsapp、Viber、Line、Telegram、VKontakte.、KakaoTalk.。

After compression, you can publish it to a social platform.,It can also be transmitted by e-mail.。Now to share.、Transmission.、No worries about storing videos.。The quality of the picture is not discounted after compression.,It can also save space on your phone.、Cloud disk space and data usage.。

Want to compress video/movie.,The panda video compressor is best.。Fully functional,Compression is easy.,It's amazing!

Panda video compressor features.:
This app also takes into account the email transmission function.,Before is not often because the video is too big.,So can't be transmitted by e-mail? The app has the "Slim for Email Transfer" option.,It is no longer difficult to transmit video by e-mail.。Email space is usually limited.,So there is a great need to pre-compress the video.。You can use this app to compress into a custom capacity.(MB),The quality of the picture is not discounted.。
Compress the video capacity.
Transmission of video by e-mail is no longer restricted.
Save data usage.
Release the phone and cloud disk space.,Take more photos and videos.,Download more games and apps.
You can finally stream high-quality video in your email address.
Can be on social platforms such as Facebook.、Instagram、Google +、Whatsapp、Viber、Line compression and then share.

The supported video formats are as follows.:

Free up more storage space
Video is important.,But mobile phone space is limited.。There is a way to save space.,Just use the Panda Video Compressor.,Won't consume too much mobile phone and memory card space.,Don't cut love to delete photos in the future.、Video、App to free up space.。
Compress and upload social platforms.
Sometimes uploading a large-capacity video on Facebook or Whatsapp can be nerve-wracking.,You may want to compress before uploading it to Instagram.、Twitter、Facebook、WhatsApp、YouTube and other social platforms.,This saves time.,Also save data usage.。
Signal weak can still share videos to social media.
Have you ever experienced this before? The signal is weak.,The large-capacity video cannot be uploaded.。Right now,With Panda Video Compressor.,You can compress and then upload.。
Reduce data usage.
Sometimes You want to share a video.,Unfortunately, data usage is limited.,And don't want to spend more money to buy more.,Especially when you go abroad, I can't help but want to share videos.,And there's no Wi-Fi around.。No problem,Use the Panda Video Compressor.,Compress the video with a single click.,It's definitely the right choice.,Easy to use.,The quality of the picture is not discounted.。

Panda video compressor will not make the picture quality big discount Oh.。

Welcome to download Panda Video Compressor.,Easily compress videos and upload social platforms.。The steps are simple.,Easy to use.,By the way, save you space on your phone and cloud disk.。


Update the log:

Added: Paid Premium version..
Improved: Faster video. (From. 3 to. 10 times. – the vis from the phone.).
Added: Android 10 support.

If you like Panda Video and want to give give back., Please leave a review in the Google Play Store.. It really helps.. Thank you!


Version description:

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Ads deleted/disabled

3、Disable Analytics / Crashlytics

4、Receiver and service deleted/disabled

5、Optimised Graphics/Zipalign

6、The debug information was deleted


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