One-click disable Defender DefenderControl v1.6 Green Portable

DefenderControl is a tool that disables the system's own defender security software with one click.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring a one-click disabled Defender DefenderControl green portable version of one-click update to.v1.6.

DefenderControl can help you disable the Defender software that come with Windows with one click.,Solve it quickly and efficiently.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Windows Defender is included in Windows.。This is a small piece of software.,It can run in the background.,to help protect your computer from viruses.,Spyware and other malware (malware).。Potentially harmful software.。Some spyware protection is better than no protection.,And it's built-in and free! But...... If you're already running something that provides great antimalware protection.,Defenders can waste valuable resources.,You don't need to run more than one application at a time.。


Many people are looking for ways to disable or remove it from the system.,Because they tend to use other software.,For example,On Windows 8 and 10.,You can no longer turn off Windows Defender completely.,Click Settings in Windows Defender to open Windows Control Panel.。The program in the new Windows Settings application.。You can temporarily turn off real-time protection for your program.,However, if you temporarily close the program.,Windows automatically turns it back on.。It's unclear why Microsoft decided to change Windows Defender's behavior in this regard.。But what is certain is.,It will cause users who want to disable it permanently to worry on the computer they are using.。Defender Control is a small portable free software.,It will allow you to disable Windows Defender completely in Windows 10.。


Update the log:

1. [Fixed] - False positives (some code improvements for false positives)
2. [Added] - The defender disables the cmd command's unique security code.
3. [Added] - About the screen.


Version description:

Green Portable Edition


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