Android Sync Tool DAVx ⁵ (DAVdroid) v3.2.1.3-gplay [Final] [Paid] Paid Unlock

DAVx ⁵ is a multi-application sync tool on Android。DAVx ⁵ for Contacts (CardDAV),The only all-in-one synchronization solution for calendar (CalDAV) and task (VTODO-based)。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

DAVx ⁵ (previously using different names) is for contacts (CardDAV),The only all-in-one synchronization solution for calendar (CalDAV) and task (VTODO-based)。The app is easy to set up,And integrate perfectly with your favorite calendar/contact apps, including default apps。If you have CalDAV,CardDAV or task only,You can also use it separately。

With almost all CalDAV / CardDAV server and service compatibility,Includes Nextcloud,iCloud and Synology!!

Key features:
⊛ easy to set up (automatic detection of resources),Support for self-signed certificates,authentication with client certificate)
For high-performance fast algorithms (CTag) / ETag,Limit the synchronization time range for past events)
Optimized for phones and tablets
⊛ sync your DAV calendar (CalDAV) and address book (CardDAV) and tasks in one app
⊛ two-way synchronization (server ↔ client)
Perfect integration with your devices and favorite apps
⊛ Super Safe,We respect your privacy!
AVDAVx ⁵ is completely open source
⊛ native Android 4 plus implementation

Important compatibility notes

Attention:Do not move dAVx ⁵ to the SD card! This will lead to strange behavior.,Includes account and data loss。

Get the most out of this application…

...... With your own DAV server (Radicale),DAViCal,SabreDAV,When used with HTTPS - you own and control all the data,Simultaneously, sync between devices can be comfortable。Or use a managed DAV service you trust or one of your companies。
…… 并将其与您计算机上的Evolution / Thunderbird等结合

Apple’s Calendar and Contacts Server
Apple iCloud
Synology DSM
Tine 2.0
Kerio Connect
Mac OS X Server
Oracle Communications UCS
Yahoo (calendars only)
Zimbra Server
… and many others:


Update the log:

* regenerate UID if it was dropped from an existing resource
* sort accounts in AccountsActivity by name
* rename account: handle exceptions (for instance, when the desired name already exists)
* update dependencies

Version description:

Direct installation for use


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