Android Day-to-Day Planner TimeTune v2.10 [Pro] Paid modifications

Daily planner TimeTune lets you do more with the same amount of time.。Increase your productivity.。Improve your daily life。 Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Do more with the same amount of time。Increase your productivity.。Improve your daily life。

This is something you can do with TimeTune, a "daily planner"。

Have you ever thought about it?,Why do some people do so much in a day?,And your time slips through your fingers?

The answer is that they have a very sound and organized allocation of time。They use sound routines and stick to them,make them squeeze out every minute,Develop good habits,and finish everything on time。

With TimeTune, a "day-to-day planner",You can do it, too。

The following features can help you implement it:
★ gadgets with a fully custom look,so you can check your schedule your way
★ fully custom-ordered each notification (vibration).,Voice,Personal messages,pop-up windows and even voice)
★ routine can be daily,Weekly (most common),Or use odd days (for unusual shift occupations),Add flexibility to your schedule
★ routine works like a calendar,However, you do not need to enter a calendar date
★ be able to design and send routines to others (to trainers).,Useful for doctors or anyone who needs to make routines for others)
★ routine statistics are used to analyze and improve your time allocation,This increases your productivity,Complete all work in the schedule and detect time loss
★ time management is based on routines,Suitable for everyone who values time (workers).、Students、Parents.、Freelancer.…)
★ charming custom label,Quickly identify your activities in your schedule

For day-to-day business,TimeTune can be more convenient than a calendar,Because it doesn't mess up your calendar。We want TimeTune to be your powerful productivity tool,So if you like,Please don't hesitate,Tell us what you want to add。

Remember.,Don't be a slave to time,And make good use of your time to your advantage。
But most of all,Enjoy every minute!


Update the log:

? New onboarding process。
? Statistics show empty time again。
? Reorganization of settings。


Version description:

1、Pro function unlocked

2、Delete the statistics that come with you


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