Android double-click on the screen Double Tap Screen On and Off v1.1.3.2 go to the ad crack

DoubleTap To Lock is a secondary application,Helps you double-tap the screen on or off.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

DoubleTap To Lock is an application.,Helps you double-tap the screen on/screen off.

In Android 8.0.,The Double-Click to Open Screen feature no longer works.。

+Tap twice to open the screen.
+Double-click to turn off the screen only for the home screen and the lock screen.

+ This application uses accessibility services.。You need to enable accessibility services.,so that the app can capture events when notified and when you stay on the home screen (the app only works on the home screen)。Features for this app only.。This permission does not process any additional information.。
+ The app produced the wrong fingerprint.,So before you use this app.,You should turn off your fingerprint.
+ This app uses device administrator permissions.,You can use the double-click screen to turn off the feature.。
+ By default,The app uses "three taps" to turn off the screen.,This avoids some error-related touches.,But you can change multiple taps in your app to Double-click。
+ To deactivate/activate double-click to lock.,You can click this notification.。When you type text on the home screen.,You should do this or change the number of clicks to avoid the screen closing.。
+To uninstall the application.,You can click the Uninstall button within the app.,Or go to System Settings ->Security ->Device administrators to uncheck the administrator permissions for Double-Click Lock.,And after uninstalling the "double-click lock" application.,Return to normal roads.。If you can't deactivate your device administrator.,Try restarting your device to try again or send me feedback for more support.。


Update the log:

The App for Xiaomi and Oppo Devices.


Version description:

1、Disable the startup consent dialog box.

2、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

3、Disable the rate pop-up dialog box when exiting.

4、Delete the app promotion.

5、Ads deleted


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