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Calculator Plus is a complete and easy-to-use multi-functional calculator app,Allows you to handle all the necessary calculations in your daily life.。Beautiful computing tools tailored to you.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Calculator Plus is a complete and easy-to-use multi-functional calculator app,Allows you to handle all the necessary calculations in your daily life.。Beautiful computing tools tailored to you.。It's free!

This versatile calculator app is the best utility.,It can help you solve everyday simple calculations and problems.,From complex calculations to unit and currency conversions.,Percentage.,Equation.,Area.,Number.,Bmi,Loans.,taxes, etc.。 Calculator Plus is the only calculator you need on your device.。

Key features :
Smart search.,Navigation is faster.
Dark themes for late-night meetings.
Standard calculator.,Simple or scientific layout.
Solve your school assignments immediately.
A currency converter with 170 currencies (available offline)
A calculator with function graphics and a history.
Convert units or currencies in the same application.
More than 80 calculators and unit converters.
Easy and fast navigation across apps.

It is a student.,Teachers,Engineer.,Handyman.,Contractors or just those who struggle with math and conversion are ideal tools.。Equipped with more than 80 free calculators and unit converters.,And completely equipped with a scientific calculator.,Much better than a mobile phone or handheld calculator.。

The entire package helps you solve any simple problem or advanced calculation immediately and accurately.。The scientific calculator has a functional chart.,The calculation history.,Advanced math features and editable inputs.。Its material design with a clean interface allows you to focus on computing and data even in late-night meetings.。

Mathematical tools.
The percentage calculator.
The score simplifier.
Digital Cardinal Converter.
Average Calculator - Arithmetic.,Geometry and reconciliation and mean.
The formula of the heron (to undo the triangle shaded by the known edge length)
The round solver.
- Decimal to score.
The volume calculator of the cube.,Rectangular。Prism.,Square pyramid.",Square pyramid-shaped cut-head cone.,The cylinder.,Cone.,Conical cut-head cone.,Sphere.,Spherical cap.,Spherical segments and ellipses.
Equation Solver - Linear.,Quadratic equations and equation systems.
The prime number checker.
Right-angle triangle calculator.
Area/perimeter calculator.,Used for triangles.,Square.,Parallelogram.,Trapezoidal.,Rhombic.,Pentagon.,Hexagon,Circular,Arcs and ellipses.
GCF and LCM calculators.
Scale calculator.
- Combination and arrangement.
The random number generator.

Unit converter
The length converter.
Current converter.
Resistance converter.
The volume converter.
The prefix converter.
Image converter.
The angle converter.
Pressure converter.
Digital storage converter.
Data rate converter.
Force converter.
Energy converter.
The power converter.
Fuel economy converter.
Cooking converter.
The acceleration converter.
The torque converter.
The inverter.
Temperature converter.
Time converter.
The area converter.
Weight converter.
The charge converter.
Conductivity converter.
Inductive converter.
Capacitive converter.

Frequency converter
The illumination converter.
Radiation converter.

The tip calculator.
EMI/Loan Calculator.
Smoking cost calculator.
- Age calculator.
Body fat percentage calculator.
The sales tax calculator.
Body Mass Index - BMI Calculator.
Burn calories every day.
After the time calculator - year and day.,Hour and minute calculator.


Update the log:

New Tools. – Graph., Cubic equation. (Equation solver.)
New Settings – Change in app language.
Added. 13 new translation.
UI enhancements.
Bug fixes and performance s


Version description:

Professional features unlocked


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