Android Timer iCountTimer Pro v6.6.0 Paid Unlock Ed

iCountTimer is an elegant and perfect timer and counter。Although it's simple.,But it's very powerful and flexible.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

It helps you count.,And let sit your focus on your sport.。iCountTimer is an elegant and perfect timer and counter。Although it's simple.,But it's very powerful and flexible.。

Whether it's intermittent training.、Yoga、Fitness、Movement、Strength training,This kind of training or other fitness needs.,This program can easily adapt and accelerate your progress.。

Sports enthusiasts.、Athletes.、Trainers.、A must-have app for trainers and all exercise-loving fitness fanatics.。

The 2015 Google Health Developer Challenge Second Prize Winner.
Since then it has become more powerful...

App features:

The perfect combination of timers and counters.
Save the timer/counter as a preset and organize according to the activity.
Large size and clear display.,With a progress bar.
Audio signal.
Smart Lock Lock Timer Screen.

The Android Wear app.
+ Handheld app presets are available for Android Wear and organized by the event.
+ Let your Android Wear sound a vibration alarm during the start/interval break.。
+ Supports environmental mode and saves power.
Attention:The Android Wear app requires a paired device to run.

Professional features:
Different counter modes.
No Ads
Calorie Estimation
Enter custom values.
5 different themes.
You can select a variety of alarm sounds.
Extend the slider limit.
Custom start-up delay.
Save preset schemes up to 40.
Integrated Google Health (Google Fitness)

**The estimated heat is based on the selected activity MET.(Metabolic equivalent.)Approximate calorie values for values and personal information.。Actual energy consumption may vary.。


Update the log:

Critical bug fixes.


Version description:

Direct installation is ready for use


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