Genuine Specials: AxMath Professional Mathematical Formula Editing Typography Tool Specials

AxMath is a professional formula editor and scientific computing software,Set Formula Edit、Typography and scientific calculations in one place 。Support for OLE embedding,Available with Microsoft Office / Common document editing software collaborations such as WPS,You can also vector or output as a picture format。

Convenient formula editing and typography

Graphical layout layout settings,It's easier to print what you see and get。The software supports quick matrix templates、Auto-fill and chunk,Edible point-to-point input、Shortcuts、Script input, etc,Formulas are entered faster。

Professional editor of LaTeX code

AxMath supports custom mathematical symbols,SUPPORT FOR AMS / LaTeX Mathematical Symbol Standard。There are many more advanced features:

  • Monochrome and color displays are supported,Customizable color preferences;
  • Multi-frame clipboards are supported,Support for string find and replace;
  • Support for multi-background symbol panels,Support for symbol panel remapping;
  • Edit accessibility,Automatic recognition of preset fields and correction of their text format;
  • Notes and References (Formula Library) features,Support for formula numbering and formula management (Word plug-in)。

Formula output and publishing

Can be output as BMP、Jpg、Png、Common picture formats such as GIFs,Make sure that the formula is not deformed,Supports picture grabbing;Support for OLE embedding,Can be used as Word、Plug-ins for word processing software such as WPS are used,When embedded within a row,Supports formula alignment with the baseline of the surrounding text。

Scientific computing capabilities

It's not just formula editing,The software also supports addition, subtraction and multiplication、Kaigen、Power、Trigonometry and common mathematical functions,Based on what you see and the formula,Support variable definitions and constant definitions。



The type of authorization
Single device
Can be activated 1 device.
Non-transferable authorization If you need to activate more devices,Multiple pieces can be purchased on demand
Special instructions:Reloading the system or replacing the hardware may cause the machine code to change and not be activated again,If reloaded is required,It is recommended to use the reset feature that comes with Windows instead。


Purchase address

AxMath: Professional mathematical formula editing typography tool
Purchase address:

Long-term activities:New users sign up to give away a $5 coupon.,That is, the software only needs 30 yuan to get a permanent license


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