Android weather forecast Clime v1.43 [Premium] Premium Professional Special Edition

Clime: Live weather forecastands and weather radars。 Weather radar maps that are updated in real time are visible on highly responsive interactive maps, Increased severe weather warning,Ensure accurate weather forecasts are provided,Let you have a number of inmindforths of bad weather,A powerful and easy-to-use weather station on your device。Love Green Soft

Android weather forecast Clime v1.43 [Premium] Premium Professional Special Edition

Description of the app:

Programs can reflect real-time weather conditions,and provide you with detailed weather information you need to know:Current actual and "body" temperatures、Probability of precipitation、Humidity、Wind speed and direction、Pressure changes, etc.。. Customize your weather forecast to your taste - choose the information you want to receive!

See current weather conditions or take advantage of the top features of weather radar: When an alarm is issued without opening the app (Tornado、Flood warning、Blizzard, etc.) get push notifications!

Real-time animated weather radar on highly interactive topographic maps or satellite maps,Added severe weather warnings and alerts for enhancements,Will meet the most demanding users。 Whether it's rain、Snow、Stormy or cloudy weather,You can be prepared in advance!

You can view the short term in any region (24 Hours) And long-term (7 Days) Weather forecast。

Set units of measurement according to what you're used to:

? Air pressure to inch、Mm、kPa or mbar,
? Degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius and miles/km,
? Wind speed at mph, km/h, m/s, Section, Pufu。

World Weather Map:
? Explore the weather on an interactive map。 Weather icons on the map can tell you what the local temperature shaded around the world。 Tap these icons for more details。
Easy location queries:
Resizable widgets:
? Add a customizable widget to your screen,Get real-time updated weather information you want to know without opening the app。
? Switch between several cities,Can also monitor weather around the world。Saving your location as a bookmark helps you quickly switch to your preferred location and learn about today's weather or tomorrow's weather forecast。
Custom window parts:
? Select the background map、Number of parts,Adjust the opacity and cycle speed of the floating window components。
Radar、Satellite and precipitation forecasts:
? Available on radar、Switch between satellite and rain map,to get real-time snow and rainfall tracking data、Mix precipitation data and cloud cover with high resolution and bright colors。

Provide more convenient options for the best user experience!
You can give a place a personalized name,For example, "home" or "work"。And when the animation pauses,,Select a single frame in an animation cycle by moving the slider indicator。

Live Weather Forecast and Weather Radar - Clime is a fully functional weather station on your device!

Overwriting information:
Radar images:United States (U.S. mainland)、Alaska、Hawaii、Guam、Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico)、Mexico (North)、Canada (South)、Australia、United Kingdom、Ireland、Germany、France、Netherlands、Italy (North and Northwest)、Denmark、Austria、Sweden、Finland、Spain、Portugal、Switzerland、Poland, Norway、Andorra、Japan、Taiwan。

Precipitation forecasts are available all over the world、Satellite pictures and detailed weather information。


Update the log:

• Pollen and allergens outlook
Check out allergy and pollen forecast in your area!


Version description:

1、Advanced/Paid features are unlocked

2、Optimize and zipaligned graphics and clean up resources for quick loading

3、Remove all ads


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