Youku PC Client YouKu PC v7.7.7.419 Green

Youku PC is a video software for Windows platform。Now Love Green Soft for everyone to bring you cool PC client YouKu PC green version has been updated tov7.7.7.419

Youku PC integrates video recommendations、Search、Play、Download、Transcoding、Upload、Album management and other powerful features,Give sharper visuals,Better video experience。

Application instructions:

HD video download
Youku registered users to log on and download Ultra-Clear via the client、HD video files。Experience a more hearty visual feast。
High-speed video upload
Users use the Youku client to upload videos to Youku Online,Upload faster,There is no data loss due to a web page crash。

Cloud sync records
In the sign-in state of youku account,Cloud sync records record the user's playback history,You don't lose your playback history by logging in on a different computer,Can continue playing。
Video Recommendations - More Exciting:Youku recommends more and better popular videos,Watch the best at any time。
Quality selection - clearer:Support for playback and download of all quality images,Bring you a higher quality of visual enjoyment。
Language switching - more casual:Multi-language source switchate at will,More language options waiting for you。
Channel Filtering - More Time-Saving:Multi-conditional filterchannel rich content,Auto-positioning helps you find match results,Save time and worry。
Most full search - more convenient:Support for site-wide content search,Bring you more and richer video content。


Update the log:

– Some features are optimized


Version description:

1、Remove mini-information pop-up windows and remove related components;
2、 Hard-changed module to play buffer ads、Suspend ads;
3、 Use of separation method,Force dwelling process after exit;
4、 Go to the taskbar to notify the area PP assistant to induce ads、Instant Hot Pop Window;
5、 Optimized:The default does not show the "Come crazy live" tab page at the top of the main interface;
6 、Cracking the VIP IDENTITY,Ordinary users can switch 1080P member picture quality after logging in、Free download 1080P format;
This go-to-ad green special edition is not cracking VIP member movies,You can't watch members' videos for free!!!
7、Do not download PP Assistant installers in the background,Remove Ali Security Services component、Dr. Youku、Ad downloaders;
8、Cannot save the cache or change the path please YoukuClient/Youku.exe property check to run as an administrator。


Download address:

City pass:


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