System-optimized Process Lasso Pro v9.2.0.55 Portable Special Edition

Process Lasso Pro is a system optimization tool on the windows platform,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the system optimization Process Lasso Pro portable special edition has been updated to v9.2.0.55

Process Lasso is not another task manager。It is a process optimization and automation tool。One of Process Lasso's most popular features is its unique technology,Called ProBalance (Process Balance),It optimizes the priority of the process,Improves your PC's responsiveness and stability。Windows is designed to allow programs to monopolize your CPU without adequate restrictions,Resulting in system stagnation and reflection lag。

Description of the app:

Handling lassos
Process Lasso allows full control of running processes。Use ProBalance to tame unruly processes,to maintain system responsiveness during periods of high CPU load。Create rules and persistence settings,Such as CPU affinity and process priorities, etc.。Let the application run!
Our renowned ProBalance algorithm maintains system responsiveness during high CPU loads。This proprietary algorithm dynamically prioritizes running programs,to allow some programs to access the CPU with a higher priority than others。Use ProBalance,Single or multiple processes are no longer able to bring your system to virtual pauses。Process Lasso lets you stay interactive with your computer,This is true even if the CPU is under heavy load。Try our CPUEater demo,Experience ProBalance for yourself。
Process Lasso also allows users to automate and adapt how applications work with a number of unique and useful features。These include persistent priority classes,Persistent CPU Association,Not allowed processes,Power profile for each process,Advanced Rules Process Monitor,Process instance count limit,Multi-instance balance and so on! Through these features,You can control how your computer resources are leveraged based on settings that are automatically applied。Using Process Lasso,You can determine exactly how the process works。
There are many other features available,Such as power plan automation,System response metrics and process activity logging。
In order to minimize resource use,All algorithms and process rules are enforced by a stand-alone background service called a process governor。THE GUI IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL。

A number of features
Stick to CPU affinity,Priority, etc.
ProBalance Dynamic Adjustment
Proprietary response metrics
Rules for taking action on processes when thresholds are exceeded
Limit process CPU usage
Automated power plan switching
Disable hyperthreaded/SMT for each process
Balance multiple instances
Limit ingress of an application
Prevent processes from running
Keep the process running (autorestart)
Keep the computer awake
Native C s for maximum efficiency
Stand-alone background service applicable rules

Maintain system responsiveness during periods of high CPU load

Performance mode
Bitsum's Top Performance Power Plan,For the best performance

Response metrics
Monitor your response with our proprietary metrics

Automate and maintain CPU affinity,Priority, etc.

Highest performance when the PC is active,But save energy when you're free

Independent core engine,Silent installation,Automatic Updates and Native 64-bit

Real-time apps
Ensure the best performance for real-time applications

Audit system activities
Document and review process start-ups and other selected system activities

Safe and conservative


Update the log:

Graphic user interface:Added dark mode
Graphic user interface:Extended custom color selection
Graphic user interface:Improved filter editing control appearance and functionality,Add an "X" clear button when filling
Graphic user interface:Window drawing and dimensional optimization
Graphic user interface:Change the color of the default graphic
Gui:Improved display of many message boxes
Graphic user interface:Lots of cosmetics and control enhancements
Various fixes and enhancements


Version description:

Green portability


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Genuine specials.:(A small partner with the ability can support a wave)


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