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Advanced Systemcare is a very popular free system optimization software in foreign countries,Full-featured, not to say.。Now the official release of the latest beta version of advanced Systemcare 6,This release brings a completely new design to the user interface,New System Performance Monitor and many other features,If you're its fans,,Then download it quickly and experience it.。


2016-8-18Update:Advanced SystemCare free绿色版发布


软件No1制作的Advanced SystemCare free绿色版特点


1、Separate from the installation version settings。


2、The default is the Simplified Chinese interface,No manual setup required。


3、Default program does not minimize to tray after shutdown。


4、Default does not boot from startup。


5、No changes were made to the original version。





Official Advanced Systemcare Free green version after operation default is English interface,You can change it to Simplified Chinese in the settings。



Because it's a beta version,,So Advanced Systemcare 6 Beta may not be running stably all the time.,and currently only the English interface,And the Simplified Chinese language.,I believe it will be added when it becomes an official edition.。


When you install and run,There are 2 changes that can be visually seen:


1、Newly designed user interface。This blue-black interface is very simple.,Monotonous colors seem to be aligned with Windows 8,For us,,Such an interactive interface is easier to operate.。


2、Added a brand new System Monitor。You can always see CPU usage in the monitor、Memory usage、Network status and hard disk reading and writing。It also comes with a scan、Cleaning up memory、Turn off these three shortcut keys。By default,You can't see this System Monitor.,You need to enable the Enable Performance Monitor option in the Settings-general settings interface。


Advanced SystemCare free绿色版 | Advanced SystemCare portable


and other changes that can't be seen have:
1、Protection against surfing the internet。
2、Install a package that is packaged in a new way,In the case of variable functions and strong,Smaller size of the installation package。Compared to advanced Systemcare 5,The volume of 15M is now 40% less than it was before.。
3、Next-generation super disk defragmentation engine,Make scanning and optimization faster。Because disk defragmentation has always been Iobit's strength,,Fewer software to match after the upgrade。
4、Safety、Intelligent、Stability、Reliable features give you the confidence to use。
5、Improved always-on optimization function。
6、Improved toolbox with ultra-versatile features。
7、Game acceleration features have also been upgraded,You can squeeze out more computer performance.。
8、Registry Scan Enhancements。


Although the official update information is many,But whether you can go beyond the previous version,Then you're the only one who's in charge after you experience it.。

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