System Optimization Advanced SystemCare PRO v13.4.0.246 Special Edition

Advanced SystemCare is a system optimization software.。Now love Green Soft for everyone to bring the system optimization Advanced SystemCare PRO multi-Chinese Chinese Green Portable Version has been updated.v13.4.0.246.

Advanced SystemCare A set of utilities for system optimization。Analysis system,Then optimize the system configuration.,Includes changing the best security settings.,Remove spyware and adware from your system.,Fix an error in the system registry.,Delete the temporary file.,Optimize Internet connection settings.,Allows you to manage the capabilities of starting applications and defragmenting file systems, etc. due to the program.,You will be able to remove spyware and adware from your computer.,to detect and eliminate potential threats and gaps in the operating system security system in advance.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Advanced SystemCare 12 is free.
The PC is clean.,A one-click solution for system optimization and privacy protection.

Clean your computer.
Over time.,Your computer may accumulate a lot of useless.,Temporary and duplicate files.。Advanced SystemCare 12 will help clean up these junk files and free up disk space.。In addition,,You can use our advanced tools to clean up the registry for better use.。

Faster PC response.
Aging computers inevitably slow down.。State-of-the-art SystemCare 12 helps breathe new life into old PCs.。It manages startup projects to facilitate PC startup.,Optimize browser settings to speed up Internet connectivity and monitor your PC in real time.,Includes RAM and CPU use.,to reduce Windows response time.。

Safer,More stable system.
If not careful enough.,You may easily put your computer at risk.。Spyware may not obviously infect your computer.,Registry residue may cause system instability.,Not to mention the threats you need to avoid when surfing.。Advanced SystemCare 12 is for you.,Improve PC security and stability and refresh your web browsing.。

Protected personal data.
Remember when the Facebook privacy scandal swept the globe? The preservation of personal data stored on pCs in this digital age is secure and private.,This is very important.。Advanced SystemCare 12 detects all secret access to your sensitive data.,As a contact.,Local e-mail data and block untrusted program attempts.。Your digital fingerprints will also be disguised.,So no one knows.。


Update the log:

What's new in version 12.4:
+ Enhanced Junk File File to Clean The Junk Files of Dropbox. 72.4, Windows log files., Evernote., and TeamViewer more deeply..
+ Enhanced Privacy Sweep to clean the privacy data of firefox. 66.0, Chrome 74.0., Opera 60.0, MS OneDrive., Windows Media Player., Adobe Flash Player, etc.. More comprehensively..
+ More powerful registry clean to clean more more registry entries..
+ Expanded the database of Spyware Removal and Real-Time Protector to remove more threats..
+ Expanded the database of the Startup to management more startup items..
+ The Shered SurfIng Protection. & Ads Removal for a safer and ad-free online surfexperience..
+ Updated multiple languages..
+ Fixed all love bugs..


Version description:

1、Download and install Advanced SystemCare Pro and exit the program completely.;

2、Copying the files inside the Crack folder to the software installation directory override replacement is special.;

Advanced SystemCare Pro installs the directory by default.:C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit-Advanced SystemCare Pro

The registration method.:
1. Block software from networking through a firewall.!!
2. Register with any of the following serial numbers.:
DA824-3A1B0-1FB0A-37954. // F9B28-EB7A1-EBBF3-6B65N


Download the address:



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