FortiClient (Flying Tower) Antivirus

FortiClient is a free anti-virus software,Chinese name is the Flying Tower.,Should be very famous abroad,The feature is strong performance,The killing effect is at the mainstream level,And has received more than 20 awards from international security laboratories such as VB100,If you're looking for a powerful free kill soft,FortiClient is definitely worth a try.。


FortiClient (Flying Tower)。


FortiClient is installed online,The entire installation process is in English.,But in practice it's Chinese interface.。Due to the software No1 in the test system and ie is not stable enough,So fortiClient Lite's interface won't open.,So in this can't take a screenshot and do a detailed test anymore。


The killing performance of this antivirus software:In a screenshot of this article,We can see the VB100 test results of FortiClient antivirus software from September to October 2011,Although it's just a RAP test,,Some one-sided,But it's still a testament to the strength of this free anti-virus software.。High detection rates in both passive scanning and active defense。


FortiClient (飞塔)免费杀毒软件


Features of FortiClient Lite's free anti-virus software:


1、Malware detection、Real-time protection。


2、Parental controls。This is usually seen in the charge killing soft。


3、Timed scanning。


4、Web filtering,This function should be used to detect whether a web page is hung.。



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