Manictime Green Edition tracking and statistics of computer usage behavior

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Do you want to know that you usually do those things with a computer? When the time on the computer is mainly spent on which programs,Which pages are in? It's very difficult to use manual calculations.。Using Manictime, on the other hand, can solve this problem very simply,After running it will monitor all your activities on the computer,So that I can give you an accurate answer.。You can even see activities at a specific point in the hour.。


ManicTime Green Edition released。


Manictime is free.,A green version is also available on the official web surface.,You can use it without installing it,and provides the Chinese language,Easy to switch over in settings after running。


This software also has a paid version.,With password protection、Program Categories、Program support and other features,But the free version is enough for us to use.。


When you run this software,,The main interface can be simply divided into two parts:


The upper half of the interface is mainly the timeline,The timeline is divided into four articles,Above the timeline can be reached in the current time and time bar,and the classification of the timeline is mainly based on the content of the activity,Divided into labels、Computer、Applications and documents。




These can also be seen on the "Statistics" interface。Under normal circumstances,Browsing the Web page is divided into the "document" category。


The lower part is mainly a statistical detail.。If you use your mouse to click on a location on the timeline,Then you can see in the details what software was used during that time.,Which sites were viewed,What game did you play?。The lower right corner is the ranking of these content,From the above you can see the statistics during which you spend the main time on which games,Software on。


For example, software No1 is writing this article.,So the top-ranked one is the Notepad software.。


So,If you use more than one browser,But I'm not sure which one you like best.,Then you can see it from the time the statistics are used.。


But,Manictime will also be a great leak of your privacy.,So,If you're worried about that,,You can put the program folder in a location that no one else knows.,This way, you don't need the ability to set passwords in the paid version.。



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