ManicTime Green Edition Tracking and Statistics of PC Usage Behavior

Want to know what you usually do with your computer? Which programs spend most of your time on your computer.,Which pages are there? It is very difficult to calculate by hand.。Using ManicTime can solve this problem very simply.,When running, it monitors all your activity on your COMPUTER.,This will give you an accurate answer.。You can even see activities at certain points in time.。


ManicTime Green released.。


ManicTime is free.,A green version is also available on the official website.,It can be used without installation.,It also provides Chinese language.,After running, you can easily switch between settings.。


There is also a paid version of this software.,Password protected.、Program classification.、Program support and other features.,But the free version is enough for us to use.。


When you run this software.,The main interface can be simply divided into two parts.:


The first half of the interface is primarily a timeline.,The timeline is divided into four.,Above the timeline you can go to the current time and time bar.,The classification of the timeline is mainly based on the activity content.,It is divided into labels.、Computer.、Applications and documents.。




These can also be seen on the Statistics interface.。In general.,Browsing the web is divided into the Documents category.。


The lower half is mainly statistical details.。If you click a position on the timeline with your mouse.,Then you can see in the details what software was used during that time.,Which websites were visited.,What game did you play?。In the lower right corner is the ranking of these contents.,From above you can see which games you spend most of your time on during the statistics period.,software.。


Software No1, for example, is writing this article.,Then the top of the list is note-keeping software.。


So,If you use more than one browser.,But I'm not sure which one I like best.,Then you can see from the length of time the statistics are used.。


But,ManicTime can also greatly reveal your privacy.,So,If you're worried about it.,You can put program folders in places that no one else knows about.,This does not require the ability to set passwords in the paid version.。



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