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Windows ' Add and Remove Programs feature can be a bit behind,Because when you use it to uninstall software, you often leave junk files and useless files behind.。IObit Uninstaller is a good alternative.,In addition to overcoming the shortcomings of the former,,Also comes with bulk uninstall and powerful uninstall features,It also supports uninstalling various toolbars that are forced to be installed in the browser。


IObit Uninstaller发布


IObit Uninstaller is about 10M in volume。


Features and features of IObit Uninstaller:


1、Completely free。


2、With Chinese interface。First run default is English interface,The language can be switched to Chinese in the "more"-"language" menu in the upper-right corner。


3、Force Uninstall feature。If you encounter a software uninstall failure,Using this feature, you can force the software to be unloaded off,And the only thing you need to do is specify the main program name of the software.。


IObit Uninstaller卸载软件


4、Bulk Uninstall Software。If you try a variety of software as often as software No1,,Bulk uninstall can help you save a lot of time。


5、Uninstall useless toolbars in your browser in a simple and efficient way。


6、You can list which software was recently installed。


7、It can tell you which software is very bloated.,Takes up a lot of hard disk space.。Software like this.,Recommendations are deleted。


8、The Software installation folder can be easily viewed in the right-click menu of the interface。


9、Uninstall a patch for Windows。


Summarize:Simple、Powerful、Practical、Free to make Iobit uninstaller highly competitive,If you want the system to stay clean,,So hurry up and use this to completely delete all the installation files.、Directory、The software for the purpose of the registry item。



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