Metu Show Computer Edition MeiTuPic v6.3.0.2 Dead-optimized installation

Metu Show Show COMPUTER Edition is a picture processing software on Windows platform,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the Metu show computer version MeiTuPic to advertise optimization installation version has been updated to v6.3.0.2

Metu Show Computer Edition has picture effects to easily create a variety of studios、lomo effect,Powerful portrait beauty features:One-click whitening、Skin grinding acne、Thin face slimming, etc.,Free Puzzle、Template Puzzles and other puzzle modes smouldering green soft

Application instructions:

Metu Show is a very good free picture processing software,You don't have to study.。Picture effects from the Metu Show、Beauty、Puzzle、Scene、Border、Jewelry and other functions,Plus a selection of materials updated daily,Can you make a studio-grade photo in 1 minute,You can also share it with one click to Sina Weibo、

The advantages of Mito xiu compared to other picture processing software:
No need to learn,It's super easy to use
1 minute to make a studio-level photo
Massive selection of materials updated daily
One-click sharing to major communities

User reviews
★ Xiaolin (from message board)
Super-use fool mapping tool! I can be at my fingertips without any basis for drawing。
Linda (from Forum)
Has been very envious of some friends can put their own photos P beautiful,Later, a friend introduced me to the Meitu show.,It's really good!
Laughing fruit (from QQ)
Very powerful software.,It's not just photos.,It's about giving me more creative fun.,I love it!


Update the log:

1.Modify the layout of the interface framework
2.Inheriting version 5.0 data processing mode
3.Update filter effects (sync your phone)
4.Increased facial remodeling、Effects such as teeth whitening
5.Plus poster border (sync phone)
6.Optimizing the large-scale graphic processing mechanism
7.Optimize your advertising mechanism
8.Increase sampling pen
9.Optimize mosaic and magic pen drawing modes
10.Optimize the text editing interface
11.Get rid of the shaker doll.、Animated scenes、Animated flashwords
12.Remove the membership mechanism


Version description:(@Qiuquan)

Based on the official Official production,Streamline some non-essential files;
Remove the More tab page "Meitu Look" button;
Remove "Welcome Home" at the bottom of the home page、"Newbie Help" and "Follow Us" tags;
Remove the top menu "Picture" option;
Remove help menu "official website"、"Official Weibo" and "Check For Updates" options;
Remove the web ad bit in the lower right corner of the operator interface;
Go to the top of the "Feedback" and "Mobile Edition" buttons;
Go to set the "Open Picture on Startup" option;
To share "QQ Space" in the Save dialog box、"Sina Weibo" and "WeChat" buttons。
Prevent software from checking for updates;
Ban the impeachment of the Picture Press:
Do not generate "dbg.log" log files;
Prohibit program scans "Picture News" link when started;
Block access to ad links after the program starts;
Program spacked with Inno Setup,If a silent installation is required,Self-add parameters。


Ads from the author's @Qiuquan pop up when this version is installed,Mind mind do not use。

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