US Meituxiu Computer edition MeiTuPic v6.1.2.6 to advertise optimized installation edition

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US Meituxiu Computer edition is a picture processing software on Windows platform,Now love Green soft for everyone to bring the United States Meituxiu Computer version of the MeiTuPic to advertise the optimization of the installation version has been updated to V6.1.2.6

US Meituxiu Computer Edition has a picture effect to easily create a variety of studios、Lomo effect,Powerful Portrait Beauty Features:One-click Whitening、Scrub Acne、Skinny face slimming, etc.,Free jigsaw Puzzle、Template puzzle and many other jigsaw patterns


Application Instructions:

Mei Meituxiu is a very useful free image processing software,You can use it without studying.。Picture effects owned by Mei Meituxiu、Beauty、Puzzle、Scene、Border、Jewelry and other functions,Plus a selection of materials that are updated daily,It'll give you 1 minutes to make a studio photo.,You can also share the Sina Weibo with one click.、Renren Network

Advantages of US Meituxiu compared to other image processing software:
☆ No need to study,Extremely simple to use
☆ 1 minutes to make studio class photos
☆ Mass selection of materials updated daily
☆ Share to the major communities with one click

User reviews
★ Xiao Lin (from message board)
Super easy to use fool drawing tools! Without any drawing foundation, I can use it to Guangchao.。
Linda (from the forum)
Has been envious of some friends who are able to bring their own photos P beautifully,Then my friend introduced me to the Meituxiu of beauty.,It's really easy to use!
Laughing fruit (from QQ)
Very powerful software.,It's not just a photo repair.,But it'll give me more fun to create.,I like it so much!


Update log:

1.Modify Interface Frame layout
2.Inherit version 5.0 of the data processing mode
3.Update filter effects (sync phone)
4.Increase Facial Remodeling、Teeth whitening and other effects
5.Add poster border (sync phone)
6.Optimizing large graph processing mechanism
7.Optimize your advertising mechanism
8.Increase the sample pen
9.Optimize mosaic and Magic pen drawing modes
10.Optimize text editing interface
11.Get rid of the shaking doll.、Animation scene、Animated flashing characters
12.Removing the membership mechanism


Release description:(@Qiuquan)

Based on official Official Edition Production,Streamlining some of the non-essential documents;
Remove the "More" tab page "beautiful Look" button;
Remove "Welcome home" at the bottom of the home page、"Novice Help" and "Follow Us" tags;
Remove the top menu "Beauty Illustrated" option;
Remove Help Menu "official website"、"Official Weibo" and "Check for updates" Options;
Go to the top of the "Feedback" and "Mobile Version" buttons;
To set the "Turn on the beauty Illustrated Pictorial" option at startup;
Go to Save dialog box to share to "Qq Space"、"Sina Weibo" and "WeChat" buttons。
Disable software check updates;
No American graphic pictorial pop-up window:
Disable the generation of "dbg.log" log files;
Prevent programs from reading "American map" RELATED LINKS when starting a program;
Disable access to AD links after program startup;
The program uses Inno Setup packaging,If you want to install silently,Self-adding parameters。


This version of the installation will pop up the author @qiuquan's ad,Do not mind if you do not use。

Download Address:

City Pass:Https://


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