Media player PotPlayer v1.7.21280 Chinese optimized integrated version.

PotPlayer is the most powerful computer multimedia player in the history of windows platforms. 。The Chinese-optimized consolidated version of PotPlayer has natively supported Chinese Simplified.,Built-in very powerful decoder.,The start speed is fast.,The playback process is stable.,No problems with HD blockbusters.,And support external subtitles.,Regular users can play mainstream format videos without installing a third-party decoder.。Love Green Soft

PotPlayer v1.6.62907 最新绿色便携版

Description of the app:

Supports powerful engine acceleration.
Support for DXVA., CUDA., QuickSync and so on.,Create the most gorgeous performance with the least amount of resources.。Experience optimal performance in the original configuration.。

Support for 3D imagery.
Supports a large number of different models of 3D glasses.,Connect to your TV or computer and enjoy a 3D visual feast right away.。Support for Side by Side., Top and Bottom.,Page Flipping and other outputs.。

Supportfor a variety of subtitle files.
Support for subtitles SMI.,Srt,Vobsub.(Dvd),Blu-ray SUP subtitles and many other subtitle resources.。Supports ASS/SSA animation and SMI ruby tag.。

A variety of compilers are supported.,Easy to manage.
When used.,There is no more hassle to install various all-purpose codecs to support OpenCodec.,User-defined add the codec you need.。

Distinctive features.
Multiple files are read at once.,Smooth playback.。When dual sound card.,Customisable output.。Screenshots of each time period make it easy to quickly switch to different scenes.。Provides specific scenario scants and manages bookmarks.、Chapter function.。Direct3D9 Ex Flip Mode is supported., Overlay features.。Other hardware device playback (DVD) is supported.、 TV.、 HDTV)。


Update the log:

[200803] //Cumulative updates.
+ Add a shortcut to make the main menu in the playlist.、Bookmark editing.、Features that work in subtitle browsers, etc.
+ Add the ability to reflect the time displayed on the skin based on the playback speed.
+ Add filtering to bookmark editing.
+ Add the ability to rename fonts only in ASS/SSA caption style processing.
– Fixes an issue that cannot be played due to an error in a particular system.
– Fixes the problem of subtitle repetition in some subtitles.
– Fixes an issue where some Dash/HTTP live streaming is not available.
– Correction. 10 The problem with the slow playback of the bit AV1 codec.
– Fixes an issue where the screen cannot be displayed when playing some MP4 files.
– Fixes an issue where some SSA/ASS subtitles display exceptions.


Version description:

Based on the official original
Streamline Korea online module.
Mask the default skin right online list.
Special PotPlayer.dll modification verification.
Integrated Real Code Decoder (optional only 32bit)
Integrated H.264 MVC decoder (optional)
Integrated OpenCodec decoder (optional)
Integrated FFmpeg decoder (optional)
Integrate simply and easy-to-use third-party skins.
Integration Forum Member Hanhua a skin and set to default.
Optimization settings do not check for updates.、More open and so on.
Supports installation and overwriting of any version (official version).、Portable version.,Third-party modified version, etc.)
Unloading is more thorough than official.,No records and settings remain.


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