KeePass v2.41 Édition portable verte

KeePass est un gestionnaire de mot de passe gratuit pour open source sur une plate-forme Windows。现爱绿软ilvruan.com为大家带来KeePass绿色便携版V2.41


Instructions d'application:

今天你需要记住许多密码您需要一个Windows网络登录密码您的电子邮件帐户您的网站的FTP密码在线密码(如网站会员帐户)等等列表是无止境的。De plus,,您应该为每个帐户使用不同的密码因为如果你在任何地方只使用一个密码并且有人获得这个密码就会出现问题一个严重的问题小偷可以访问您的电子邮件帐户网站等难以想象

KeePass是一个免费的开源密码管理器可以帮助您以安全的方式管理密码您可以将所有密码放在一个数据库中该数据库使用一个主密钥或密钥文件锁定。ainsi,您只需记住一个主密码或选择密钥文件即可解锁整个数据库使用当前已知的最佳和最安全的加密算法(AES和Twofish)对数据库进行加密有关更多信息请参阅 功能页面



Mise à jour du journal:

Added option ‘Do not store data in the Windows clipboard history and the cloud clipboard’ (the option is turned on by default; for entry clipboard commands in the main window).
Added option ‘Esc keypress in main window’ (in ‘Tools→ ‘Options→ tab ‘Interface’), which allows to specify the action of the Esc key (ignore, lock workspace, minimize, minimize to tray, exit).
Added option ‘Ignore search settings of groupsin the ‘Finddialog.
Internal data viewer: added support for zooming images using the OEM + andkeys with Ctrl.
Added accelerator keys (especially for labels) in various dialogs.
Added UIFlags bit for disabling the ‘Database Settingsmenu item.
Added workarounds for Windows RTF character encoding bug.
Added workaround for Mono input focus restoration problem that occurs when a form gets activated.
Plugins: added method to provide menu items.
Plugins: added property to get the edit mode of an entry dialog.
TrlUtil: added tab ‘Validation’, which shows the results of all checks that TrlUtil performs.
TrlUtil: the tab in the preview form that contains the currently selected control is now selected automatically.
TrlUtil: the preview form now shows accelerator keys permanently.
TrlUtil: enhanced support for derived control classes.
TrlUtil: the current file name is now displayed in the title bar.
Enhanced installer (added user directory checks, added option to open the plugins web page, component/option names can be translated now, updated NGen size estimation, improved file associations update, …).


Description de la version:

爱绿软提供的版本未做任何修改且已经集成Chinois simplifié,。


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https (en)://

Téléchargement officiel:https (en)://

语言包下载:https (en)://



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