VPs Du Fu's own one-key script

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Usually used to a variety of scripts、


SS Si Script[including R、Python、libev、Go][The great God of Autumn script]

wget--no-check-certificate-o ss-all.sh HTTPS://dl.ilvruan.com/shell/ss-all.sh
chmod +x ss-all.sh
./Ss-all.sh 2>&1 | Tee Ss-all.log


superspeed.sh a key test server to the domestic speed[Old Ghost]

wget HTTPS://dl.ilvruan.com/shell/superspeed.sh

chmod +x superspeed.sh



superbench.sh a key test server's basic parameters[Old Ghost]

Wget-qo- –no-check-certificate HTTPS://dl.ilvruan.com/shell/superbench.sh | Bash


Google BBR a button to install the latest kernel and open the BBR script[Eyes]"OpenVZ Not Available"

wget--no-check-certificate HTTPS://dl.ilvruan.com/shell/bbr.sh && chmod +x bbr.sh && ./bbr.sh


Kcptun Service-Side One-click installation script[Soft]

wget--no-check-certificate HTTPS://dl.ilvruan.com/shell/kcptun.sh
chmod +x/kcptun.sh


OpenVZ platform Google BBR One-click installation script[Soft]

wget HTTPS://dl.ilvruan.com/shell/ovz-bbr-installer.sh
chmod +x ovz-bbr-installer.sh


All scripts are original GitHub,The script here may not be updated。

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