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Android Baidu paste bar APP v10.1.8.1 go to the ad version

Baidu Paste Bar is an online forum run by Baidu Inc.,Baidu paste bar APP is the application of the mobile terminal paste bar,The mission of the paste bar is to bring together like-minded people.。Whether it's a popular topic or a minority topic.,Can accurately gather a large number of good netizens.。

Android QQ v6.5.3 Official and Classic

Android QQ mobile version has now been updated to v6.5.3 official version! The detailed version number is v6.5.3.2855.,New version adds a new, funplayed short video.,Naughty pendant.,Turn over your friends.;Also now you can add when sending pictures:.

Android WeChat v6.3.31 Official/Long-Term Edition

Wechat,Hundreds of millions of people use it.,You can send voice to your friends over the cellular network.、Text message.、Expression、Pictures and videos.,You can also share photos to your friends circle.。by shaking.、See people nearby.,Meet new people.。Use a broom.,Scanable QR codes.、Bar code:.
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