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White stroke.,An OCR scan that is as dynamic as a cat to identify the god.。Highly accurate text recognition.、Text translation.、Table recognition turns excel.、File bulk scanning and other features.。

Accurate picture-to-text function.

High-precision text recognition engine (OCR),Photo-picking accuracy is industry-leading.。Handwriting recognition also has a high accuracy.,Chinese simplified and traditional characters are recognized.、English.、German、French and other languages.。In the premise of accuracy.,You are also free to choose the identification area.,More than a little more efficient.。

Quick form recognition.

The picture form is no longer entered by hand.,After scanning the form.,After converting the scan type to a table at the top.,you can automatically generate an editable spreadsheet.。

Documents are easily scanned.

File scans automatically detect boundaries.,Multiple color mode switching is supported.。Quickly generate PDFs.,Replace traditional scanners.。

Bulk processing,Multiplier.

Scan pictures in bulk.,Bulk text recognition.,Bulk color switching.,Build PDFs in bulk.,Save more time than a little.。

Connect to your computer.,Large screen operation is more convenient.

By connecting to the same WIFI network.,Pair your phone with your computer.,Transfer pictures from your computer's browser to your phone.,After the phone is recognized.,The results are displayed automatically in a computer browser.,Big screen editing is just so smooth.。


Discount package.

1.Regular members.

(Activated.) 5 devices)


Love green soft price.:9Yuan

2.Gold membership.

(Activated.) 5 Unlimited use of devices)


Love green soft price.:20Yuan



Purchase address:


Version differences.

Function Ordinary users Regular members. Gold membership.
Number of times per day identified. 5Times. Unlimited Unlimited
Number of batch recognitions per day. 1Times. 3Times. Unlimited
Number of translations per day. 3Times. 3Times. Unlimited
The number of words translated each time. 1000Word. 1000Word. Unlimited
Multi-device synchronization. The . . . The . . .


Additional instructions.

Update instructions: One-time payment.,Permanently valid.。

Try it before you buy: There is a general free trial.。

Running platform: Android, Ios

How to receive a receipt: After purchase,Activation information is sent as a mail to the mailbox at the time of placing the order。

Number of devices: 5device.。

Replace the equipment.: The original phone is uninstalled.,The new phone is activated.。

Activate the boot: Open the software,In the upper left corner, click the gear - Advanced Features - use the coupon code.

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