Intrusion Deletion link


1、For the purpose of transmitting information,Therefore, this site may mistakenly publish damage or affect the legitimate rights and interests of "you",Please "you" actively contact us to deal with;

2、Due to time、Limited energy,We can't verify the authenticity of every message.,But we'll do our best to verify this information before it's released.;

3、For whatever purpose, this site is required to delete content,"You" are required to provide proof,Otherwise, it is not processed;


Main requirements

4、Whether it's because of my site infringement or the publication of content that may affect the rights and interests of "you",All Deletes、Modifying a request allows only direct rights holders to apply;

5、"You" if you want to delete、Modify Content,First of all, "You" must be a direct right holder and must be able to provide relevant supporting documents;

6、Non-direct rights holders such as affiliated companies、Friends, etc.,Proof of authorization of the direct right holder required;


Processing process

7、Required Materials:Supporting documents of the direct rights holder、Authorization documents given by the right holder to the person being processed、Delete request File,All the above documents must be stamped with official seal;(See annex for details)

8、After completing the above documents, please print and affix the official seal to send the scanned copy to:

9、Attention:Only the above mailboxes accept the deletion request、Support only through mailbox contact (easy to check later)。



1、In order to ensure the normal operation of this site,Any request for complete supporting documents will not be processed at this site.,Please understand.;

2、Due to limited time and energy,Any request that cannot provide complete supporting documents will not reply to the email at this site,Please understand.;

3、Requests that meet the conditions for deletion will be processed within 72 hours of the site,Whether or not to delete the page as required by "you",We will all reply to "you" by email。

4、This site does not accept any paid deletions、Nor has any agency been authorized to be responsible for the deletion of posts,Don't trust any rumors, beware of being deceived!


Attachment:Model format issued by the National Copyright administration

Notice of request for deletion or disconnection of linked infringement network content: Extraction Code: r2qj

"Notice of request for deletion or disconnection of linked infringement network content" fill in the instructions:

Please fill in the email address sent to the green soft mailbox in this notification format,Incomplete information is inadmissible

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