Intrusive and deleted contact


1、The resources provided by this site.,all are from the network.,Copyright dispute has nothing to do with this site,Everything.、Crack the patch.、Decryption analysis articles for registrars and registration information and software are for learning and research purposes only。

2、For the purpose of transmitting information.,Therefore, this site may mispublish damages or affect the legitimate rights and interests of "you".,Please "you" actively contact us to deal with.;

3、Due to time.、Limited energy.,We can't verify the authenticity of each message.,However, we will do our best to verify this information prior to publication.;

4、For whatever purpose, the site is required to remove content.,"You" are required to provide proof.,Otherwise, it will not be treated.;

5、This site accepts the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) copyrighted content infringement deletion notice.。


The principal requirements.

4、Whether it is due to infringement of our station or the publication of content may affect the "you" interests.,All deletions.、The modification request only allows the direct right holder to apply.;

5、"You" if you want to delete.、Modify the content.,First , "you" must be a direct right holder and must be able to provide relevant supporting documentation.;

6、Non-direct rights holders, such as affiliates.、friends and so on.,A certificate of authorization from the direct right holder is required.;


Processing process.

7、Required materials.:The supporting documents of the person directly entitled.、The author of the authorization document given to the processor.、Delete the requested file.,All of the above documents are required to be stamped with a public seal.;

8、This station if it infringes on your interests.,Please bring above.proof of rights.Send to the

9、Attention:Only the above mailboxes accept the deletion request.、Only by email (for later verification)。



1、In order to ensure the normal operation of this site.,Any request that is unable to provide complete supporting documents will not be processed.,Please understand.;

2、Due to limited time and energy.,Any request that is unable to provide full supporting documentation will not respond to emails.,Please understand.;

3、Requests that meet the deletion criteria will be processed within 72 hours.,Whether or not you are required to delete the page.,We will reply to "you" by email。

4、This site does not accept any paid deletions.、Nor is any agency authorized to delete posts.,Don't be fooled into any rumor!