One、Statement of liability of this site

1) This site for personal non-profit sites,Designed for personal Learning、Appreciation & amp; recording, etc.,Therefore, not subject to the narrow sense of commercial copyright restrictions,Unless specifically stated;

2) The main content source of this site for the site editor writing、Online submission (including original and non-original)、Translation of foreign languages and reproduction of other websites。

3)This site is firmly opposed to any form of cyber criminal activity that violates Chinese law,

4)This site is not responsible for reproducing part of all liability resulting from such resources,User upload propagation has nothing to do with this site!

5)Use of resources please comply with legal requirements,Do not violate national laws and regulations!For use only as a technology exchange and promotion!


Two、Legal Disclaimer

6)This statement applies to the laws and regulations of the country or region in which the user is located(Such as:People's Republic of Chinese,Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan,United States of America, etc.) Network is at risk,Browse requires caution!

7)Please be sure to comply with national laws and regulations,Specific Communicators、All the intentions of the user,Words and deeds,Use and any results resulting therefrom,Is the responsibility of the communicator and the user!

8)All software on this site is collected in the network,This site only indexes its directories,Not responsible for software。

9)All software resources on this site do not exist on the local server,All resources come from major network hard disks。

10)such as infringement or other reasons,Would you please contact me to remove this green software。


Three、Disclaimer Constraint Terms

11)If, for whatever reason in this statement, it is wholly or partially invalid or does not have execution,or violate any applicable law.,Then the clause is deemed to be deleted,However, this statement as a whole should remain valid and binding!

12)This site has the right at any time in accordance with the relevant laws、Changes to regulations and other modifications to this statement。The modified declaration will be updated,and will be attached to the published resource.。When the dispute occurs,Subject to the latest statement。

13)This site has the right to interpret and modify this statement to the fullest extent permitted by law。If sensitive resources or unsuitable, will actively cooperate with the relevant law enforcement departments to inspect and rectify!


14) This statement shall enter into force as of today;

15)The right of interpretation of this statement belongs to Love Green soft all。



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