Chat software

Tencent TIM Official Green Lite

TIM,QQ for light chat,More convenient for the office。"QQ Concise Edition",Name "TIM",The style is simple.,Only core chats are retained、Features such as voice。Also support multi-person online editing Word、Excel documents,Support for Web page checking:.

Ariwangwang Buyerv8.60.01C Goes Advertising Green Edition

Aliwangwang v8.60.01C Go Advertising Green Edition,This Aliwangwang buyer's version goes to the advertising version,Changed by zd423 Focus.,No security services reside.,No ad bounce window interference! There are no useless features.,Just to satisfy you in pursuit of refreshing:.

Crooked Voice YYSpeack v8.56.0.2 Go Ad Green Special Edition

YY Voice is the best online audio and video software,Provide real-time voice、Entertainment、Dating board games and other services。YY Voice is committed to creating an interactive live streaming platform for entertainment for all,Interact with a variety of beautiful women、High-quality live content、The ultimate interactive experience:.
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