Tencent QQ v9.2.2.26569 v2 go to ad-optimized installation

Tencent QQ is the most popular chat software on the windows platform,Now love green soft for everyone to bring Tencent QQ to ads optimization installation version has been updated tov9.2.2.26569 v2

Tencent QQ,8Instant messaging software for hundreds of millions of people,You can not only make friends via QQ chat on all kinds of communication terminals,Free video、Voice calls,Or send and receive important files anytime, anywhere。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

QQ is short for Tencent QQ,An Internet-based instant messaging (IM) software developed by Tencent。QQ now covers Microsoft Windows、OS X、Android、Ios、Windows Phone and other mainstream platforms。The sign is a little penguin with a red scarf.。
Tencent QQ supports online chat、Video calls、Point-to-point intermittent file、Share a file、Network hard drive、Custom panel、QQ mailbox and other functions,And can be connected to a variety of communication terminals。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:(@roustar31)

Modify tray icon to win10
Remove group chat gift animation
Remove QQ Internet Cafe Tencent Mini Page
Remove QQ right-click to send to
Remove QQ Show
Remove main panel QQ space
Remove the lower right corner pop-up window
Local SVIP
Local message anti-recall

Statement:Do not replace modified files with original files,Causing the problem,Consequences at your own expense

Warm reminder:

Not fully installed Visual C? 2017 and Universal C Run library,QQ must-have,Otherwise QQ can not start normally!

Special thanks. (Rankings are not in any order)
Lao Li (Small Fresh Patch、Go to the window patch)
Lance Moe (NtrQQ Author)

Attention:All modified versions are at risk of being locked.,Whether to use your own discretion,This site is not responsible for any responsibility!


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