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TIM,QQ for light chat,More convenient for the office。"QQ Concise Edition",Name "TIM",The style is simple.,Only core chats are retained、Features such as voice。Also support multi-person online editing Word、Excel documents,Support web page viewing,Also export documents,More suitable for office use。

TIM Key Features:
- QQ for light chat:The style is simple.,QQ Friends,Messages are seamlessly synchronized
- Efficient multiplayer online documentation:Support multiplayer online collaboration editword Word、Excel documents。
- More convenient schedule management:Easily arrange transactions,You can also send meeting invitations。

腾讯TIM 正式版绿色精简版本

New version changes


2017-12-21 v2.1.0
– New drag and drop for cloud files,Drag files for easy upload and download,Easier to operate
– Top Search Bar Feature Optimization,Support for search chat history
– Picture and video viewing experience optimization
– Online documentation supports meeting minutes、Daily、Word/Excel templates such as project management information sheets,Office editing is more efficient

2017-10-26 v2.0.0
What's new?:
Online document migration to cloud files,Files can be added、By deleting、Re-operation,Easier management;
Files sent and received while chatting can be transferred to cloud files,Long-term storage of important files,Check it out at any time;
Enjoy 100G of extra space,Save files and view them at any time;
Support stalking roaming for 2 years,Chat message multi-ended storage is no longer lost;
New Benefit Center,Food、Travel benefits more,Wait for you to pick it up.;
Free 10G cloud disk space,Store content multi-ended real-time synchronization,Easy file management。
Optimization:Reduce memory footprint,Optimize the performance experience。

Features of this release

By [email protected]
# Infinity shaking:Remove incognito or offline sending jitter and frequent frequency limits;
# Message anti-recall:Prohibit the withdrawal of the other party's message,That is, you can still see this after the other person sends a message back;
# Unset ->File management ->Select system restrictions for personal folders (saving data locations such as message records);
- Feel free to check the save location to save to the installation directory (The original system above Win7 is gray)
# Go to all self-check,Prevent plug-in directory from generating empty folders,Remove many non-essential components and plug-ins;
# Go to the option:Software updates,Go to menu items:Benefits (garbage promotion)、Software upgrades、Feedback questions;

Download the address


2017-12-21 TIM v2.1.0 (22747) Official download link


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