Genuine Specials: Mac installed recommended menu bar finishing tool Bartender. 3

Is your Mac menu bar attacked by various icons? Usually find a software has to work hard.。The top menu bar exists to improve efficiency.,The result icons are stacked.,It also creates more time-consuming and laborious embarrassments.。But with Bartender. 3 You don't have to worry about that anymore.,Hide mac menu bar icons with one click! Love Green Soft.

Description of the app:

Bartender. 3 is a well-known tool that always appears on various "Mac InstallEd Recommendations" lists.,You can use it to hide or arrange menu bar icons.,You can also set rules for each icon to hide the display.,Can not affect the convenience of the menu bar.,And make it simple and orderly.。
Arrange the icons in the most handy order.
In addition to hiding icons.,You can also sort icons on the menu bar and collapsed in Bartender.。Hold down ⌘ Command key.,Just drag the icon over the cursor.。

Wakes up automatically when there is a notification.
Even if the icon is collapsed or completely hidden.,You can still see them when they change.。For example,After hiding the icon for QQ.,As soon as you receive a new message.,it will appear again.。More each software icon sets a different display length.,For example, QQ display. 30 Seconds.,Dropbox syncs are only displayed. 15 Seconds.,Appears when used.,When you run out, continue to hide.。

Collapse or hide menu bar icons that are not commonly used.
Through simple settings.,You can fold less commonly used software into the Bartender icon. (It's called Hide in the settings.),Only when you tap the Bartender icon.,you'll see the software that's folded in.。You can also use Bartender to hide some software icons that you simply can't use.,Unified setup management.,More convenient.。

More features and features.
Excellent performance.,Low resource utilizate
Keyboard navigation menu bar icon.
Quick search,Shortcuts are supported.
Dark mode is supported.,such as native apps.


The type of authorization

Single user Warm tips
Single users can be activated 5 device. If you need to activate more devices,Multiple pieces can be purchased on demand


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