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Microsoft 365 is a cloud office solution built by Microsoft based on the Microsoft Office Office Suite.,Includes free online Office Online.、Online meetingS Skype for Business.、Outlook Web App, which manages letters.、SharePoint Online, which set up group communication sites, etc.。

Software introduction

Microsoft. 365 is a cloud-based subscription service,By Office 365 Upgrades are coming。A new name,More benefits,The price remains the same。Bring together the Word you use in your daily work and learning、Excel、Office office suites such as PowerPoint,It also combines OneDrive、Powerful cloud services such as Outlook。Allows users to create and share content from anywhere, on any device。

A new name,More benefits

Microsoft. 365 Word in、Excel、PowerPoint is still strong,It also has OneDrive、More benefits such as Outlook。Advanced templates and advanced creative tools,Make document editing easier and easier。

Great tools go one step further

The three suites have become even more powerful with ai artificial intelligence,Efficiently assist document editing。Newly added Microsoft Editor,The entered text can be syntax-smartly corrected、Spelling instruction in multiple languages。You can also save documents to the cloud,Rely on cloud services and others to edit in real time、Collaboration。

Access all files from anywhere

Take advantage of 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage,You can save it safely, anytime, anywhere、Edit and sync files on all devices。Files on your computer can be automatically backed up、Create a personal vault,Store encryption for important files。

Outlook benefits are more powerful

Microsoft. 365 Outlook in has 50G message capacity,There's no need to worry about running out of space to send and receive mail。The phone can check the syntax when editing messages,It's easier to work。Ad-free mailboxes with features such as message encryption,Make personal data more secure,There are also features such as multi-calendar synchronization worth exploring...

Protect your digital assets

Take advantage of OneDrive's ransomware detection and file recovery capabilities, as well as Outlook's virus protection capabilities,Keep your digital assets protected。

Expand technical support

Subscribers own Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Technical support services,Individual users.、Family members are using the system / After a problem with the software,You can get guidance from Microsoft Professional Customer Service via live chat or phone,Use it more worry-free。


The type of authorization

365 Personal version 365 Home Edition 2019 Home Student Edition
1 Account,Each account can be activated 5 Equipment
It can be used for one year,Free updates during the period
6 Account,Each account can be activated 5 Equipment
It can be used for one year,Free updates during the period
Can be activated 1 device.
Can be used permanently,Subversion free update

*Warm tips:Microsoft. 365 The activation device contains the computer、Tablets and mobile phones。

Version differences.

Function 2019
Home Student Edition
Personal version
Home Edition
Support platform Win or Mac Win and Mac Win and Mac
Feature updates Security updates Security updates
Version update
Security updates
Version update
The validity period of the authorization Permanent use One-year subscription. One-year subscription.
The number of devices that can be activated 1 Computers 5 platform Each account number 5 platform
most 6 Account
OneDrive cloud storage 5GB. 1TB 1TB per account
Word The . . . The . . . The . . .
Excel The . . . The . . . The . . .
Powerpoint The . . . The . . . The . . .
OneNote The . . . The . . . The . . .
AI-assisted editing The . . . The . . .
Microsoft Editor The . . . The . . .
Mobile side (Plate、Cell phone) The . . . The . . .
Premium templates、High-quality creative content The . . . The . . .
Software and system extension technical support The . . . The . . .
Outlook 50G Mail space 50G Mail space
Access The . . .
(No Mac version)
The . . .
(No Mac version)
Publisher The . . .
(No Mac version)
The . . .
(No Mac version)

Warm tips:

  • The 2019 Family Student Edition is fully known:Office 2019 Family and Student Edition;
  • "365 Personal Edition" is fully known:Microsoft. 365 Personal version;
  • The "365 Family Edition" is fully known:Microsoft. 365 Home Edition。

Purchase address

Office 365 Personal Home Edition / Office 2019 / Office 2016 Word Excel PPT

Purchase address:




1、Microsoft. 365 A set of video learning tutorials.
Word Tutorial (8 hours),7Chapter 50.。
PowerPoint Tutorial (4 hours),8Chapter 38.;
Excel Learning Tutorial (57 hours),10Chapter 126.;
2、One-on-one service for a year
Excel、Powerpoint、Word features are used and recommended.;
One-to-one Office software installation and usage assistance.;
Other related software functions use consultation.。
3、One year Microsoft. 365 Software experience.
OneDrive 1TB One-Year Experience
Excel、Powerpoint、Word one-year use experience
*You can provide an account with a personal account or a digital lychee.,Experience the full functionality of the software.,The duration of the experience is valid for one year from the time of purchase of this One-to-One Service.,Must be used by customers who purchase this service.,You may not lend to others.。This software is intended for use in the learning experience.,Not sold separately.。

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