Office Software office2013 four-in-one green lithoscoe v20190218

Office 2013 is an office software.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring by the @xb21cn green office software Office. 2013 The four-in-one green thin version has been updated.v20190218.

Office 2013 Green Lite Series,By @xb21cn focus on greening streamlined production,Include Access、Excel 、Ppt 、Word Four components (including VBA),Support for automatic permanent activation and KMS activation,Support for Win7、Win8.1、Win10 Operating System 32 and 64 Bits,This edition is suitable for everyday use,Special needs please install the original! There is no guarantee that it will work properly in complex cases where the system is equipped with Office! Love Green Soft



Description of the app:

Self-contained green thin office series three.:office2013 four-in-one.

This edition is in Pure Win10x64.、Retest production in the wes7x64 system.
There is no guarantee that it will work properly in complex cases where the system has an office installed!
Contains:Access Excel Ppt Word Four components (including VBA)
Only for regular document editing.,For special needs, please install the original version.。

Testing the system:Win7、8、8.1、Win10's 32 and 64.

Update the log:

Not yet

Version description:(xb21cn)

Right-click administrator permissions to run !installation.cmd.

1、After installation, it will be a 30-day trial.,Please activate yourself with kms.。

2、Win7 solves activation issues (reference to the autumn knifefish,Thank you here)

3、Supplementvc2010 Library,Avoid the system from running because of a lack of vc library.。4、Support for online templates、Solver.、Analyze add-ons such as analysis.。


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