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Gain user status and improve system experience,Windows 10 greatly enhances the collection of personal data。Although Microsoft guarantees that personal data will not be involved,but it's always a little concerned。If you don't want Microsoft to get this data,You can turn off the system settings,Service,Options in Group Policy and Registry,But obviously these operations are too cumbersome.。Here's the Tool for Win10 Spy Killer. – "DWS"

This free open source and compact tool is used to destroy Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10Monitoring on。It completely turns off Win10's various privacy-related settings and completely destroys monitoring features。Disable Windows Update,Stay anonymous,No more updates from new monitoring software;Disable UAC,Windows Defender,Privacy settings,Monitor scheduled tasks, etc.;Remove Cortana,One Drive,Telemetry and data collection,Telemetry Master Service,Location Services,Wi-Fi sharing,Ad ID,Defender Data Report,Handwriting data sharing,DRM Internet access,System feedback request,System search,Ie / Edge Do Not Tracking,History and so on.。

In addition,,Removing the Metro app for Win10 is also useful,Because these applications run in the background and consume memory,Some of them also monitor computers.。In addition,,This program prevents Microsoft from collecting ip addresses for data,And you can add IP to hosts files for all monitoring software。

It is worth noting,Most of the program operation is irreversible,Even a system restore cannot roll back changes。For now,,It's a very effective plan.。It is under development,And there's a Windows 10 user community。Some of these help rewrite code to make the program more efficient,Others translate programs into other languages,Including Chinese Simplified language。

Win10间谍杀手 DWS v2.2.2.2 最新正式版 - win10神器 Win10间谍杀手 DWS v2.2.2.2 最新正式版 - win10神器 Win10间谍杀手 DWS v2.2.2.2 最新正式版 - win10神器

New version changes

2018-03-05 v2.2.2.2 Final
No change log

2018-02-11 v1.7.1
* fix WiFi work
* fix code
* fix DWS stopped working
1.7 DWS support last win 10
+ Fixes
+ Support last Win 10 updates

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Destroy Windows 10 Spying:DWS v2.2.2.2 Final


GitHub open source address:

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