Win10 System Optimization Windows 10 Manager v3.1.3 Chinese Special Edition

Windows 10 Manager is a system optimization software。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Win10 system optimization Windows 10 The Manager Chinese Special Edition has been updated tov3.1.3

Windows 10 Manager is a practical tool dedicated to the win10 system with all the features,Windows 10 Manager includes more than 40 different utilities to adjust、Optimization、Accelerate、Clean up and fix your win 10,Can make your system execute faster,Eliminate system failures,Improved stability and security,Personalize your Windows 10,It meets all your expectations。

Description of the app:

Windows 10 Manager
Optimization、Adjustment、Complete solution for repairing and cleaning Windows 10 10 Manager is a full-featured utility for Microsoft Windows 10,It includes more than 40 different utilities to optimize,Adjustment,Clean,Speed up and fix your Windows 10,Can make your system execute faster,Eliminate system failures,Improved stability and security,Personalize your Windows 10,It meets all your expectations。

Windows 10 Features of Manager
A variety of utilities
Get details of all hardware on the system and systems;Windows to help you find out,Office product installation key;Show details of processes and threads running on your machine;Windows 10 Manager offers 1-click clean-up function auto-sweeping system;Repair centers can help you with a variety of system problems。
Find out which files are taking up your disk space and display it with a chart;Smart Uninstaller completely uninstalls programs withno residue sourining of files and registry items;Find and clean junk files to reduce hard disk footprint;Repeat File Finder can scan your PC with the same size、File snames and times of modification;Registry cleanup checks for incorrect registry keys;Registry grooming rebuilds and re-indexes your registry,To reduce registry access time,Improves the responsiveness of your application;Desktop cleaner sits out useless icons and files on your desktop。
A variety of utilities
Create monitoring of scheduled or triggered tasks;Useful collection tools for displaying and running built-in Windows;Divide a file into several smaller files or merge them back to the original file;Supercopy is a powerful tool for automatically copying or backing up files;Easily manipulate your registry using registry tools。
Adjusting the system,Component,Uac,Sign-in settings,Adjust various settings and restrict access to drives and scenarios,Improve the security of the system;Secure your sensitive files and folders,Encrypting files,Move system folders to a secure location;Privacy protects privacy and sensitive information by eliminating tracking;File Recovery recovers files on deleted or formatted logical disks;Lock down some system functions,For increased security。
Optimize and adjust your Internet connection and network settings;Adjust Microsoft Edge browser settings;IP switchers can easily switch between different network settings;Edit Hosts files to speed up system browsing of the Internet; Wi-Fi management can view and manage all wireless networks。
Adjust your system to speed up and off windows,Adjust your hardware to improve system speed and performance;Control which programs start as Windows starts,Check and repair advanced startup projects to recover malicious changes from viruses;Adjust and optimize system services and schedule tasks,Shut down unnecessary system services and tasks to improve system performance。
Adjust the look of Explorer,Desktop,Start menu,Taskbar and notification areas to customize your system;Manage fixed items and pin any files or folders to the taskbar and start;Create a quick-start jump list item on the taskbar;Adjust the launch menu for Windows 10;Right-clicked edit context menu;Easily edit win when right-clicking on the bottom left corner of the desktop or win-x keyboard shortcut display + X Menu;Create a shortcut to quick execution in the Run dialog box。Visual customization can change system and file type icons,Automatically change the lock screen image。


Update the log:

Fix the bug that iE history did not work.
Adddisk in System Information.


Version description:

Special Edition

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Alternate registration code:WMXD7-RG8FP-OYKS3-KHTN6

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