Android Kids GPS Watch and Phone Tracker Find My Kids v1.9.6 Paid Pro

Find My Kids is a children's GPS watch and phone tracker on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring children GPS watch and mobile tracker Find My Kids Paid Pro has been updated tov1.9.6 。

Find my kids is an app,can help you not worry”Find My Kids” It's a home GPS tracker., For child safety and parental control。 Install the "Find my kids" app on your phone,Install the "Chat with parents" app or connect a GPS watch on your child's phone。

Description of the app:

“Find My Kids” It's a home GPS tracker., For child safety and parental control。 Install the "Find my kids" app on your phone,Install the "Chat with parents" app or connect a GPS watch on your child's phone。

Find my kids is an app,can help you not worry,If your child is not around you,They didn't hear from you.:
Loud signal – If your child puts your phone in a backpack or turns on silent mode but doesn't hear a call,it will send a loud signal to your child's phone.;
GPS Locator – View your child's location on the map and the event history of the day,Make sure your child doesn't visit dangerous places;
Listen to the sounds around you. – Listen to what's going on around your kids.,It's good to know them and be with them.;
Battery control – Remind your child to charge your phone in a timely manner,If the battery is about to discharge,The application notifies you;
Application control – Find out what apps they use at school,Whether to play in class instead of learning;
Family Chat – Chat with kids with fun stickers;
Security control – Check if your child is at school on time – Find out when they're coming to school,activities and when they return home;
Praise – Praise the children by sending their hearts!

Apps for parental controls
"Find my kids" app for home safety and parental controlonly only。 The app can't be secretly installed on your phone,Use only with the express consent of the child。 Personal data is stored in strict accordance with the law and GDPR policy。

If your child has a smartphone:

Install the Chat with Parents app on your child's phone – Your child's GPS tracker。 The service uses children's phone GPS in economy mode,This is different from its counterpart.。 The app will work on children's phones in gps locator mode。 In the Chat with parents application,Your child will be able to communicate with you,If there's a danger,,They can press the emergency button.。 When your child presses the SOS button,You'll receive an alert signal on your phone right away。

If your child has a GPS watch:

Connect it to a reliable Find My Kids app with a localized interface and technical support。 The application supports the following devices:Smart Baby Watch,Smart Old Watch,Smart Pet Trackers and Other Similar Trackers。

List of supported GPS watches:

Q50,Q60,Q80,Q90,Q100,Q360,Q523,Q730,Q750,Q8,GW100,GW100S,GW200,GW200S,GW300,GW300S,GW400S,GW400X,GW500S,GW600S,GW700,GW800,GW900,GW900S,GW1000, GW1000S,EW100,EW100S,EW200,K911,W8,W9,W10,Y3,G36 SAFE KEEPER,DS18,T58,T100,I8,G10,G100,D99,D100,D100S,Titan Watch Q50 GPS Tracker,Smart Pet Tracker ,Smart trackers S01 and A1, etc.。

How the Find My Kids app works:

1Install the "Find my kids" app on your phone;
2Select the device you want to connect to:Children's phone or gps watch;
3Install the "Chat with parents" app on your child's phone or enter the gps watch SIM card number。

If there is a technical problem,You can contact us at any time via chat in the app for round-the-clock support,Or email [email protected]

During the trial period after connecting your child's device,You can use all the features of the service free of charge。 At the end of this period,You'll be able to view your child's location online in the free version。 You need to subscribe after using all features。

Find my kids app requests the following permissions:

– Access cameras and photos – Install your child's avatar
– Access ingons – Fill out the phone book with gps-watch
– Access the microphone – Send a voice message in a chat


Update the log:

In a new version of the application,We've added a new language:Polish,Greek,Czech and Romanian。 We've also improved the internal work of the application.。

Early on we added the card cache,This means that applications will work faster and consume less of the Internet。


Version description:(@Dogadaevznet)

Platform:Arm +,x86 +
Optimised application inventory
Deep-optimized application graphics
Unlock unlimited license modifications from Google Services
Analysis collection is completely blocked
Cut garbage code (crashlytics),fabric,, etc.)
The card is loaded correctly
Signature has changed


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