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MathType is a professional mathematical formula editor,Perfectly compatible with Office word,More than 700 programs such as excel,Used to edit math papers、Books、Newspapers、Paper、Documents such as slide demonstrations easily enter complex mathematical formulas and symbols。Love Green Soft

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Description of the app:

Type and hand-write math symbols with MathType。
Easily include high-quality mathematical equations in documents and digital content。

No more reliance on cumbersome built-in math tools。Use MathType to deliver a unified quality experience for all your digital solutions... Text processor、Demo software、LMS Platform、Assessment tools, etc...

Productivity is the key
When you're ready to sit down and write a science or technical paper、Test、Slide show,Or when you want to include a place with a mathematical notation,You have MathType's capabilities.。Turn on MathType on your computer or device,You're at your fingertips.,Can be fast、Simple、Get the job done efficiently。

Using MathType,You can:Click、Handwritten、Use keyboard shortcuts、Insert equation numbers、Using color、Select a font、Control the spacing...

Set up your work environment the way it works best for you:
MathType is a major upgrade of the default math tools built into many applications。
Save commonly used equations and symbols in a customizable tool bar
Professional Quality Mathematics Layout
Set MathType preferences to quickly change from one "skin" to another from a different type of document、
Set up personal keyboard shortcuts
Copy or convert to LaTeX

Right now,You can have quality anywhere。Choose a classic MathType look or LaTeX look。Control spaces in an expression to pixels。

Mathematical symbol enrichment,Changes between cultures;
Helps readers access scientific content,and help authors create accessible scientific content。
MathType supports mathematical representations of different levels of education and culture。
Solutions for any quality,Accessibility is a must-。MathType

Mathematical types for Google Docs and Word on iPad
MathType for the most popular online word processing systems。
Use MathType in Google Docs on any web browser
The math type of Google Docs
Handwritten mathematical equations on iPad
Math type of words on iPad



Chinese interface: Support for Chinese interface display,Multi-language options。macOS only supports English interface and not the latest system 10.15 Ctalina.
Update instructions: 1Annual usage and free updates。
Try it before you buy: 30Day Free Trial。
Running platform: macOS, Windows
How to receive a receipt: After purchase,Activation information is sent as a mail to the mailbox at the time of placing the order。
Number of devices: Authorize to user,Unlimited number of computers。
Change your computer: Original computer uninstall,New computer activation。
Activate the boot: To be added。
Working scenes: Business Office, Utilities
Special instructions: macOS only supports English interface and not the latest system 10.15 Ctalina 。


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