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GoodSync is a file synchronization and file backup software,It can be used on your desktop COMPUTER、Laptops.、Data synchronization between external drives is automatic.。

GoodSync 10 Data Sync Backup Software is recommended by Ai Green Soft and APSGO Soft Marketplace for official genuine specials! Lifetime Edition! One purchase.Use for life! Use for life! Use for life!

Description of the app:

GoodSync can back up data or other files in a USB stick to a PC's hard drive.。Support for Chinese Simplified interface.。It is automatically analyzed.,Synchronous.,and back up your email.,Precious family photos,联系人,MP3 songs.,Financial files and other important documents locally - between desktops.,Laptops.,Server,External drive.,and Windows Mobile devices.,as well as remote via FTP.、Netizens' WebDAV and so on., all kinds of important documents.,can be easily compared.、Sync and back up.,Never lose your email again.、Photo、MP3, etc.。
Easy to use and smart.
Mouse tap.,Update sour.,The chaos went nowhere.。The most important thing is,Enjoy everything with a calm mood - your financial documents.、Work file.、Email、Contact information.、Digital photos.、Apple Music.、MP3 songs.,No matter what data.,You can easily sync and back up.,Everything is in control.。
E-mail.、Digital photos.、MP3 songs.,give it to it.,None less of one...
GoodSync combines a high degree of reliability and extremely simple ease of use.,E-mail.、Contact information.、Digital photos.、Apple Music.、MP3 songs.,all kinds of important documents.,can be easily compared.、Sync and back up.。
Automatic sync and backup between multiple drive devices.
Whether it's a desktop computer.、Portable notebook.、The network server is also an external drive device.,Whether over a local area network or on the Internet.,As long as it's your important document.,can be automatically synchronized and backed up.。By using innovative synchronization algorithms, GoodSync will be a leader in synchronization for years to come.。



Official Download: https://apsgo.com/blog/28413
Chinese interface: Support Chinese display,Multi-language options。
Update instructions: Permanent use,Subversion free update。
Try it before you buy: 30Day Free Trial。
Running platform: macOS, Windows (non-server)
How to receive a receipt: After purchase,Activation information is sent as a mail to the mailbox at the time of placing the order。
Number of devices: One device (Windows/macOS)。
Change your computer: Original computer uninstall,New computer activation。
Activate the boot: https://apsgo.com/blog/11742
Working scenes: Business Office, Utilities, Life
Special instructions: Personal free version.:Limit 100 files with 3 tasks.。This activation does not activate Windows Server.


Purchase address:

  • Official genuine GoodSync. 10 Data sync backup software,Official price is $49.95.,It is about 350 yuan.,Soft shopping mall only 158 yuan! Plus this site exclusive coupon.,It only costs 154 yuan!

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Soft Buy Mall Special Purchase Address:https://apsgo.com/store/product/goodsync/?id=439


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