"Ultra-low price" official genuine binding account AdGuard ad blocking privacy software -3 device authorization

AdGuard is a particularly advanced ad blocker for The Global Village! AdGuard frees you from annoying ads,Online tracking,The best way to protect you from malware。AdGuard makes your web surf faster,Safer,More comfortable!

AdGuard Ad Block Privacy Software -3 Device Licenses Official Genuine SpecialS recommended by Ai Green Soft and APSGO Soft Purchase Marketplace! Lifetime! One purchaseLifetime use! Lifetime use! Lifetime use!

Application instructions:

AdGuard for Android
The ideal solution for Android mobile devices。Comparison with other ad blockers,AdGuard does not require root permissions,It offers a wealth of features:Filtering apps,Application management and more。
AdGuard for Mac
Unlike other ad browsers,AdGuard is available for macOS。It not only blocks ads in Safari and other browsers,It also keeps you away from tracking,Phishing and fraud。
AdGuard for iOS
The most advanced ad blocker for Safari:It blocks a variety of ads and counters,Speedpage loading,Protect your personal data。There are more than 50 Filters available,You can adjust filtering as needed。
AdGuard for Windows
It's not just ad blockers.,It also combines multi-purpose tools for the best possible web experience。It blocks ads and dangerous websites,Speeding up page loading,Protecting children's online security。

Ad Block
AdGuard handles all types of annoying banner ads at once,Pop windows and video ads。
Parental control
Protect children's online security by restricting access to inappropriate and adult content。
Safe Browsing
Thanks to AdGuard.,You'll be able to avoid all scams and phishing websites and malicious attacks。
AdGuard Hides Your Data,Keep it away from trackers and active analyzers above the full set network。

Why AdGuard?
Page decoration processing
Many of AdGuard's similar products can also hide post-ad blocking frames and empty spaces。
Ad Block
Most ad blockers today at least ensure ad blocking quality。
Speed loading with data savings
Unlike browser ad blockers,AdGuard intercepts ads before they are loaded into the browser。This saves data to speed up loading pages。
Stay away from annoying ads
AdGuard provides dedicated filters to block the most annoying elements (registration form),Online advisors, etc.) filter any browser or app
AdGuard works perfectly with all and browsers,Metro apps with Windows included。



Official Download: https://adguard.com/zh_cn/welcome.html
Chinese interface: Support Chinese interface display,Multi-language options。
Update instructions: 1Annual subscription:Free updates and use within one year。Lifetime authorization:Permanent use,Subversion free updates。
Try it before you buy: 14Day free trial。
Run the platform: Android, Ios, macOS, Windows
How to receive: After purchase,Activation information is sent to the mailbox at the time of the order in the form of a message。
Number of devices: 3 computers can be installed。
Replace your computer: Original computer uninstall,New COMPUTER activation。
Activate Boot: To be added。
Using a scene: Utility, Life


Purchase address:

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