Ad-blocking tool AdGuard Premium v7.3.2959 Chinese Special Edition

AdGuard Premium is an ad blocker。AdGuard PremiumChinese Special Edition, ad-blocking tool that loves Green Soft has been updated to v7.3.2959

AdGuard is a range of ad blocking and privacy protection software,Includes open source and shared software products,Protects Microsoft Windows users from unnecessary ads,Pop-ups,Banner ads and tracking,Malware and phishing Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The world's most advanced ad blocker!
AdGuard is getting rid of annoying ads,Online tracking,The best way to protect you from malware。AdGuard makes your web surfing faster,Safer,More comfortable!
Ad Blocking
AdGuard handles all types of annoying banner ads at once,Pop-up and video ads。
Privacy Protection
AdGuard hides your data,Keep it away from trackers and active analyzers on top of the full set network。
Safe browsing
Thanks to AdGuard.,You will be able to avoid all scams and phishing websites and malicious attacks。
Parental controls
Protect children's online security by restricting access to inappropriate and adult content。

Why AdGuard?
Regular ad blockers
Ad Blocking
Most ad blockers today at least ensure ad blocking quality。
Page decoration processing
Many of AdGuard's peers can also hide post-ad blocking frames and blank space。
Save data to speed up loading
Unlike browser ad blockers,AdGuard blocks ads before they load them into the browser。This saves data and speeds loading pages。
Stay away from annoying ads
AdGuard provides dedicated filters to block the most annoying elements (registration form),Online consultants, etc.)
Filter any browser or app
AdGuard works perfectly with all and browsers,Metro apps including Windows。
24/7 Support
Whether it's day or day and night,Our engineers are always ready to respond to your questions and help you resolve them。


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:

1、Installation special steps:Install Adguard first,Do not run Adguard after installation,Then copy the special patch ctivator to the Adguard installation directory.,Run a special patch as an administrator,Click the patch button in the upper right corner,Be patient for a moment.,It's special!


Please manually add the following Hosts rules to prevent program network detection

hosts in C:Windows System32driversetcetc

3、Due to the special nature of the special patch,So it's inevitable to be intercepted by domestic security software.,Be sure to add a whitelist,Special time is recommended to withdraw 360 and other domestic security guards!


Download the address:


The genuine s

"Ultra-low price" official genuine binding account AdGuard ad blocking privacy protection software -3 device authorization Password:9k8g


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