Genuine Specials: Mind Map XMind 2020 Desktop and Mobile Special Genuine.

XMind. 2020 It's XMind.: An upgraded version of ZEN.,As a brand new mind map software.,It's in the well-known brother software XMind. 8 Pro based on.,Streamline some of your professional features.、Added some useful features.,And greatly beautify the software interface.,It's enjoyable and easy to use.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

A variety of structures and themes.
Has a new UI interface.,Beautiful and easy to use.,For a more comfortable experience.。A fish bone map is provided.、Matrix diagram.、The timeline.、Rich thinking structures such as organizational charts.,By adding tags.、Label、Hyperlinks、Rich elements such as attachments.,You can express a diverse information structure.。Supports one-click expansion of all sub-branches of the shrink target topic.,You can also keep all sub-themes after you delete a single theme.。

Custom style editor.
Feature-rich custom editor.,You can style the theme to your preferences.,Put the font.、Lines and colors are set to your favorite design.,It can also be reused after saving.,Let the mind map be full of personality.。Use custom quick styles.,It's easier to distinguish between themes.。
Seamlessly connect between devices.
Whether it's desktop or mobile.,Can harvest a seamless mind map experience.,View your results from anywhere.。
Outline views provide a new way to organize.
XMind. 2020 The outline view in provides a new way of organizing and architectural thinking.,Effectively helps the brain think and solve problems.。In addition to dragging and changing the map structure.,You can quickly switch between outline mode and map mode.,Changes to the outline can be synced to the mind map in real time.。
More focused ZEN mode.
The ZEN pattern focuses on the mind map itself.,More concentrated firepower.,Concentrate on the diverging and finishing of your thinking.,Come up with a better solution.。View shortcuts are also supported.、Edit the style.,and common actions such as inserting tags.。
Link files with mind maps.
Excellent file linking.,Only one mind map is needed.,You can manage all the files on your computer.。Click the theme in the guide while searching for a file.,navigates to the location of the file.。
Importing and exporting is simple.
In addition to importing MindManager.、Outside of common mind map files such as MindNode and Lighten.,The new version also specifically supports Word file import.,Easily put all the good ideas together in one place.。The software provides Markdown.、Svg、Png、Pdf、Office is available in a variety of export formats.,Easy to share to impression notes.。Enhanced picture export.,Transparent backgrounds can also be exported.,Easily inserted into Keynote or PPT.。
LaTeX equations are supported.
In XMind. 2020 Inserting mathematical and partial chemical equations into becomes easy.,Use mathJax open source libraries to enable users to enter LaTeX math commands.,Real-time conversion into mathematical formulas.。Not only for academic parties to provide convenience.,It also makes the process of combing knowledge simple and efficient.。


Version differences.

Function XMind. 2020 XMind. 8 Pro
Outline view The . . .
File link The . . .
ZEN mode The . . .
LaTeX formula The . . .
Enhance picture export The . . .
More concise、Elegant interface The . . .
Custom style editor. The . . .
Enrich the graphics structure The . . . The . . .
Enrich the theme elements The . . . The . . .
Brainstorming mode The . . .
Ganttu mode The . . .
Slide show The . . .
Export & Share Markdown、Svg、Png、Pdf、
Office、Impression notes
Office、Impression notes


The type of authorization

Desktop version Desktop and Mobile
Can be activated 5 device.
Mac and Win
Can be activated 5 device.,5 mobile end of the station
Mac and Win , Android and iOS


Purchase address

Mall new users to enjoy the first single reduction of 5 yuan!


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