Mac Cleanup Tool CleanMyMac v4.6.1 Chinese Special Edition

CleanMyMac is a powerful clean-up tool on Mac platforms,Now Love Green Soft brings the Mac cleaning tool CleanMyMacChinese Special Edition has been updated to v4.6.1

CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one package,Make your Mac stand out。It can remove millions of tons of garbage.,Make your computer run faster。It's like running your Mac for the first time.。Love Green Soft

Application instructions:

Meet your personal Mac genius
CleanMyMac X replaces many Mac optimization tools。It can be anything you tell it.:macOS cleaner,Performance Monitor,Malware Remover,And the lifeguards.。

Free your digital space
CleanMyMac X Chases Trash in Every Corner of MacOS。It can clear unwanted files,Examples of outdated caches,Damaged downloads,Logs and useless localization。You can delete lurking in iTunes,Mail,A lot of clutter in the photos,You can even find billions of bytes of large hidden files。Mac cleaning tools in CleanMyMac X will lose extra weight in seconds。

One button is enough.
Fixing problems on your Mac can take hours。Or just a click。We redouble our efforts to make CleanMyMac X accessible and informative。It provides a simple solution:No mining folders,No lengthy instructions.。That's because cleaning your Mac should be easy.。A big button is easy.。

Intelligence means security
CleanMyMac X built-in security database tells important files of trash。It knows the way your macOS,and never delete anything.。CleanMyMac X's Smart Assistant will guide you through regular disk cleanup,You can even show you other things to clean。It's like it has a Ph.D.。In a safe cleaning。

Do more on a faster Mac
Every time the Mac stops running,You have a complete set of acceleration tools:Release RAM,Run a maintenance script,Manage logins,Start agents and suspend applications。These will reduce your system load and adjust your Mac for optimal performance。When your machine works efficiently,You can also increase productivity。

Someone has to protect your Mac.
Is there a virus on your Mac? If you try to use CleanMyMac X for Mac cleaning,It's not on you.。It protects against malware,Adware,Ransomware and all macOS-specific software。When you find the problem,The app deletes it immediately。We regularly update our malware database,CleanMyMac X protection module always brings you back。

Application management
Use your app the way you want
To make your Mac life more organized,You'll get a very cool Uninstaller and Updater。The former completely removes unwanted applications,The latter immediately updates all software。Bad apps disappear,New apps always arrive on time。This helps resolve software conflicts and keepyour Macs young forever。


Update the log:

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Version description:

* Based on official version of the revision
* Registered usage rights


1File hint swashes corrupted
sudo spctl –master-disable

2File is not trusted

You can try using Control + Open inside the single right button

3The new OS running an error must execute the following command
sudo codesign –force –Deep –sign – /Applications/CleanMyMac


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