Mac Cleanup Tool MacBooster v7.2.5 Chinese Special Edition

MacBooster is a cleanup tool on macOS platforms.,A special edition of MacBooster, the Mac Chinese that Love Green Soft brings to everyone, has been updated.v7.2.5.

Mac Booster your one-stop Mac maintenance tool to clean up 20 junk files,And remove Mac malware and viruses to protect your Mac.,In addition,,MacBooster optimizes Mac hard drives.,Boost your Mac to its best performance.。

Description of the app:

MacBooster. 7 Advanced
Enjoy faster.,More secure Mac.
Your one-stop Mac maintenance tool cleans up 20 junk files.,And remove Mac malware and viruses to protect your Mac.,In addition,,MacBooster optimizes Mac hard drives.,Boost your Mac to its best performance.。
MacBooster. 7 What can Advanced do for you?

Deep system cleanup.
Delete all types of junk files.,
Make more room for macs.

Excellent performance improvements.
By optimizing your Mac hard drive.,Get the best performance for your Mac.

Full security.
Keep your Mac away from all potential threats.,
such as a virus.,Spyware.,Malware.,Adware

Deep Mac system cleanup.
MacBooster. 7 Advanced scans every corner of the Mac.。
There are five cleaning tools.,MacBooster helps you remove billions of bytes of junk files from your Mac.。Free up your Mac hard drive and give you more space to run your Mac smoothly.。This is especially useful for Mac users with smaller SSD drives.。

System garbage
Just click,MacBooster scans and deletes more than 20 types of junk files.。Give your Mac a complete clean-up and get more space back.。
Large files and old files.
Large files and old files take up a lot of space on your Mac hard drive.。Within seconds.,MacBooster can easily find and delete them.。
Repeated Finder.
Duplicate files can be easily generated on macs.。Why waste space to keep them? MacBooster found them and cleverly cleared the repeats.。

Why is your Mac slow and slow?
Mac disk permissions issues.,High Mac RAM consumption and login startups are the main culprits for slow Macs.。
MacBooster can technically solve these problems.,and elevate the Mac to its best performance.。

If your Mac disk permissions have been changed.,Whether you're yourself or a third-party application.,Your Mac will be slowly dragged.。And,Caches generated by third-party applications, especially iTunes and media applications, will take up a lot of disk space.。MacBooster fixes disk rights issues and optimizes disk storage.,This elevates the Mac to optimal performance.。

The memory is clean.
As more and more things fall behind and RAM becomes chaotic.,Macs are getting slower and slower.。By using MacBooster.,You can find out which applications are the primary consumers.。It can help you optimize or even close memory-intensive applications.,and free up in activity memory.,to run macs faster.。

Start optimization.
When you find your Mac starting slowly or running slowly.,You should notice that many login startup items are consuming or even competing for resources from Mac RAM and CPU.。MacBooster analyzes your macOS and optimizes these startup projects.,to speed up your Mac.。


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Version description:

Chinese Special Edition,Direct installation is ready for use


Download the address: extract code.:j49k.


Genuine specials.:(A capable little partner can support a wave of

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