Genuine Special offer: iMazing iPhone/iPad Device Management Backup Tool software.

iMazing - Manage your iPhone yourway。
Let trusted software transfer and save your music、Information、Files and data。Securely back up any iPhone、iPad or iPod touch。iMazing is powerful、Easy to use,The best iOS device manager on your Mac and PC。

iMazing iPhone/iPad Device Management Backup Tool Software is recommended by Ai Green Soft for the official genuine special offer! Lifetime Edition! Buy for life!

Description of the app:

Beyond iTunes,Enjoy iMazing。
Easy access to your photos
No need for iCloud or iTunes,You can export photos and videos。Save your favorite moments on your Mac or PC。
Save precious data
Save、Export and print your iPhone information。Text messages、MMS、both iMessage and accessories can be securely backed up with iMazing。
Smarter backups (free!) )
Store iPhone and iPad data with unique technology。With iMazing,You can safely back up your device,Even wireless backup。
Simpler music transfer
On the iPhone、Ipad、Freely copy music back and forth between iPod and computer。No need to use iTunes Sync。
Transfer data to your new iPhone 11
Quickly transfer data to a new iPhone。No need for iCloud or iTunes,You can copy everything or choose the right content to transfer。

Transfer files and documents
On the iPhone、Transfer files and folders between iPad and computer。
Access and export calendars
To Calendar or Excel / CSV format exports calendars to your computer。
Unique application management solution
Download your app (.ipa) to your computer。Backing up and transferring application data。
Manage contacts
Copy all contact information directly between your iPhone and Mac or PC。
Export Safari data
Access bookmarks、Read lists and browsing history and export them to your computer。
Transfer ringtones to your iPhone
Custom ringtones、Notifications and reminders。
Transfer and manage books
Export an eBook or PDF from eBooks,Import data from your computer to your iPhone or iPad。
Export call logs and voice mail
Access and export call logs,Save voice mail on your computer。
Your other important data
Read your iPhone voice mail、Voice memos and memos。
iOS Advanced Management
USB or Wi-Fi connection、Manage pairings、Erase the device、Reinstall iOS、Diagnosis...


Official Download:
Chinese interface: Support for Chinese interface display,Multi-language options。
Update instructions: Permanent use,Subversion free update。
Try it before you buy: 15Day Free Trial。
Running platform: macOS, Windows
How to receive a receipt: After purchase,Activation information is sent as a mail to the mailbox at the time of placing the order。
Number of devices: 1 computer can be installed。
Change your computer: Original computer uninstall,New computer activation。
Activate the boot: Open the software ->Unlock the full version ->Enter the activation number ->Copy and paste activation code ->Click to activate;
Working scenes: Utilities, Video


Purchase address:

  • iMazing iPhone/iPad Device Management Backup Tool Software,Permanent Lifetime Edition! 1 computer:
  • Official original price:183.00Yuan
  • Special offer price.:129.00 Yuan!
  • macOS, Windows chooses a platform。

Special purchase address:


Still hesitating about whether i need to buy? Never mind,Download the installation free first experience trial here 30 Oh, my God! Official download address:


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