Disk Cleanup Wise Disk Cleaner v10.2.2.773 Special Edition

Wise Disk Cleaner is a disk cleanup tool on the Windows platform。Now Love Green Soft brings disk cleansing Towise Disk Cleaner Special Edition has been updated tov10.2.2.773

Wise Disk Cleaner一款小巧的低占用CPU安全的免费磁盘清理器和碎片整理程序通过系统瘦身释放大量系统盘空间并提供磁盘整理工具。It can identify up to 50 kinds of junk files,Allows you to easily remove junk files from your computer disk。

Application instructions:

清理浏览器的垃圾,Remove junk and useless Windows files and defragment disks。

Over time,,垃圾文件临时文件,Various system files and other items that you don't need will accumulate on your Windows computer。These useless files take up valuable hard disk space and slow down your computer。Wise Disk Cleaner可以删除硬盘上的这些不必要的文件以释放磁盘空间并使计算机运行得更快。It also offers many customization options,to allow advanced users to clean more files they don't need。Equipped with advanced algorithms,Wise Disk Cleaner可以在几秒钟内扫描并删除它们使其成为最有效的磁盘清洁器之一

清理计算机上的Internet历史记录和其他痕迹 – Protect your privacy
Wise Cleaner cleans up Internet Explorer,Chrome,Firefox,Opera和Safari浏览器的Internet历史记录缓存文件和Cookie。It can also detect and clear by Windows,组件和其他应用程序引起的所有其他跟踪。By completely removing all these traces,Your privacy will be well protected,免受窥探

Over time,,您的硬盘驱动器将会碎片化碎片会使您的硬盘执行额外的工作,This reduces the speed of the computer。Wise Disk Cleaner's "Disk Defragmentation" feature rearranges fragmentation data,因此您的磁盘和驱动器可以更有效地工作。Disk Defragmentation also gives you a clear graphical chart of the drive of your choice,Gives you a clear view of drive usage。您还可以使用它来分析和整理任何外部存储设备

Scheduled automatic disk cleanup
您可以根据自己的需要设置Wise Disk Cleaner以每日每周或每月的时间表清理磁盘当预定时间结束时,Wise Disk Cleaner will automatically clear useless files from the background。In settings,You can also create a Clean with one click icon and place it on your desktop。使用此功能,Simply click the icon to clear the junk file,Without opening TheWise Disk Cleaner。

Wise Disk Cleaner Free是完全免费的任何人都可以免费下载并通过电子邮件享受免费的自动更新和技术支持。Better yet,,Wise Disk Cleaner是一个小型且绝对无病毒的程序它消耗的系统资源非常少


Update the log:

What s #8217; s new in version
– Update translations.
– Minor minor s fixes.
– Improved Quick Clean function.
Improved interface and usability.


Version description:

Single file version

Green Edition (Slim himChinese&Useless documents/streamlined language files without instructions,只保留简体中文!去更新)


Download address:




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