Genuine Specials: MacOS Virtual Machine Parallels Desktop v15.1.4 Time-Limited Gift of ClearMyMac.

Parallels Desktop is a professional Mac virtual machine,You can drag and drop files between Windows loyalty and Mac OS applications in virtual machines and start Windows programs directly from Mac dock,The most convenient on the Mac、Fast、Run Windows in an efficient way。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Whether you need to run a Windows program without a Mac version,Still need to switch from PC to Mac and need to transfer data,Parallels Desktop is available for you。
By using and MacOS side window side ® in the MacBook (no need to restart) ®,MacBook Pro's ®,iMac ®,Professional iMac ®,Mac mini's ® or Mac Pro's ®。Share files and folders,Copy and paste images and text,and drag and drop files between Mac and Windows apps。

Easy installation
Parallels Desktop automatically detects what you need to get started,so you can complete the task in minutes。If you need to be in Windows,You will be prompted to download and install Windows 10 or select an existing Windows,Linux,Ubuntu's,or Boot Camp ® installation。

Lightning Fast
Graphics and resource-poor Windows applications can run effortlessly,without slowing down the Mac.。Run the most demanding applications,Photoshop ® such as Adobe ®,Visual Studio's ®,or sketchUp's ®。

Choose your view
When your application is still in Coherence mode,Make Windows invisible。If you're new to Mac,You can set Windows to take up the entire screen,So it looks like when you're using a Windows PC.。"Of all the ways to run Windows on your Mac,,Parallels Desktop is my favorite.,Because it's just effective.。It's fast.,Reliable,And there's no need to use confusing settings or intricate setup processes。"
– Adrian Kingsley-Hughes,ZDNet
Optimized for the latest Windows 10 updates and the new macOS Mojave (10.14),Include dark mode。

Ultimate flexibility
For OS X,Windows 10, 8.1 and 7,Google Chrome ™,Linux and Unix and macOS Server。No more choice between pc or Mac。

Touch bar
Add Windows applications to touch Bar ™ for instant access and customization。

Connecting devices
Usb,Thunderbolt and FireWire devices connect to Windows。Pair Bluetooth ®,Stylus and printers work with Windows and MacOS。

Retinal ® display support
Intelligent resizing and stand-alone screen resolution for stand-alone display。

One-click adjustment
Choose productivity,Game,Design,Software testing or development,Parallels Desktop will optimize YOUR VM settings and performance。

Instant access
Launch and access Windows apps directly from Mac Dock。

Save disk space
Optimised with automatic disk space,Make the most of your Mac。

Office 365 Integration
Allow Word in Safari,Excel or PowerPoint documents open in their native Windows Office application。

For Boot Camp
Reuse existing Boot Camp installations。Converting a virtual machine from Boot Camp is easy – Just follow our installation assistant at startup。

Volume license key
Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition provides unified volume license keys,Centralized license management and advanced security features。

Travel mode
Extend battery life when away from power。

Bonus! Parallels' ® Toolbox
More than 30 one-click tools – Clean up the hard drive with a single click ($19.99),Screenshot,Download videos, etc.。

Bonus! Remote access
From any iOS device,Android devices or browsers access parallels with parallels to the Mac remote access ®.

24x7 support
Advanced 24/7 phone calls available after activation,Email and social support。


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Limited-time activity price.:498.00Yuan Limited Time Gift $199 Clan MyMac X 1 Set (2020.9.1-2020.9.30)

New users exclusive activity first single to enjoy a discount of 5 yuan.,The actual price to hand is only 494.00 yuan.。


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