MacOS System Monitoring iStat Menus v6.31 Special Edition

iStat Menus is an extremely powerful system information monitoring software on MacOS platforms。Now Love Green Soft brings the MacOS system monitoring iStat Menus special edition has been updated to v6.31 。

iStat Menus can display the CPU usage rate of the current system、Memory occupancy、Weather status、Network download upload speed and so on。iStat Menus can be based on THE CPU,Gpu,内存,Disk,Internet,传感器电池,Power and weather notify you of a variety of events。

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These great features are new features in iStat Menus 6
The weather has the current temperature.,Hourly forecast,Weekly overview and more。
Compact notification center widget,Covers some popular iStat menu features。
Notice,CPU-based,Internet,Disk,电池,Weather and other events。
More color and theme options,Includes light and dark vibrant menu drop-down background。
Hot keys for opening and closing menu drop-downmenus,For quick keyboard access。
Other options,Such as two-line menu bar clocks and condensed text,More content can be displayed in a smaller space。
Re-downloadable drop-down menu,You can hide parts。Editable drop-down color。
Improved accessibility。Improvements and new localization (total 36 languages)。
Hundreds of other improvements
Bigger,Better Historical Charts,Tool tips with timestamps and values - AirPods battery support - Event-based automatic fan settings switching - CPU frequency - Slower update mode,New circular menu bar diagram with less resources, GPU history menu items, CPU,Memory and Disk - Improved combination mode - Multiple menu bar world clock time - You can now pause the entire application to temporarily delete all menu bar items - Number of configurable processes,to display the CPU,Memory and networks , Internet connection indicators , and so many more。

Take a quick look at the current situation in your menu bar,Or learn more about very detailed hourly forecasts and weekly weather overviews,Includes low and high temperatures,Wind speed and wind direction,Rainfall,Humidity,Dew point,紫外线指数,Pressure,Visibility, etc.。
The iStat menu shows the weather based on your current location or in almost any city in the world。

iStat Menus can be based on THE CPU,Gpu,内存,Disk,Internet,传感器电池,Power and weather notify you of a variety of events。This allows you to change in public IP,Internet connection interrupted,Notification when CPU usage exceeds 60% for more than 10 seconds or nears an infinite range of other options。It even lets you know the weather of the day,Or remind you of the change in daylight saving time。

More color and theme options
In addition to making the subject easier,iStat Menus 6 also introduces new ways to menu bar icons,Menu drop-down menus and graphics for coloring and design。If you prefer the menu drop-down menu that matches macOS,We've also added support for bright, vibrant menu drop-down backgrounds。

Notification Center widget
The new iStat Menus widget is a great way to hide important Mac statistics in the notification center。CPU usage,内存,Highest CPU and memory processes,Average load,Disk space and uptime can be done by clicking or swiping gestures from any application。

Highly detailed CPU information,Include current usage of individual cores,Historical charts,Average load,Uptime,CPU frequency and list of applications that use the most CPUs。In addition,,GPU memory and processor usage and active GPUs on supported Macs can be displayed in the menu bar。

Extensive memory statistics,Includes usage,History,Memory pressure,Compressing memory,Swap and use list of apps that use the most memory。

By History Chart,Current bandwidth usage and bandwidth segmentation for top-level applications,and detailed connection information.,Bandwidth graph,Public and private IP addresses and Internet connections,Stay up-to-date with content indicators for all network connections。

Disk usage and activity
View used space in the menu bar,Free space and disk activity。SMART status monitoring with a single click,More details about disk usage per app and all disks。

Real-time list of sensors in Mac,Including temperature,Hard drive temperature (supported location),Fan,CPU frequency,GPU frequency (Intel GPU only),电压,Current and power。Fan speed can be controlled,Even depending on the temperature,Active GPU and battery status to switch。

Date and time
Highly customizable menu bar clock,Calendar and upcoming events,World Clock with Detailed Sun and Moon Information。

Battery and power
More information about the current state of the battery and highly configurable menu items,If you are running out,Charging or full charging,These menu items may change。In addition,,AirPods,Magic Mouse,Power of Magic Trackpad and other devices。


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