Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise Modest Lite v4.0

Win10 LTSC Enterprise x64 Moderate Lite v4.0 is a system maintained by @TheMrxk,No pre-set and add items,Almost original except for thin,Don't add any promotional content! Of course there's no problem with office.,Although stable and smooth,But there are requirements for special software multi-run environments,Please use the microsoft original,The streamlining would have had an impact on the system.,Don't complain about the poor streamlining without moving.。Win10 Lite recommends that you still test and experience,Because a lot of people haven't played through the Win10 feature yet.。

Windows 10周年更新版企业版精简版

This Lite related introduction:

1.Replace Microsoft Pinyin with Sogou Lite input。
2.Start menu style imitation win7, (can be changed back to the original)。
3.Migration Video,Favorites,Image,Document,Download,Music for d-disc,Partition first when installing,Otherwise an unknown error may occur。


Update the log:

V4.0 System Description
2019Updated on May 7,:Made from the parent version,Optimising C:Program Files (x86)Unknown origin folder,Remove auto-activation and add activation tools on desktop AAct.exe (auto-activation response is not very good)


Version description:

This version is unattended ,Release the version you need with Dism in a PE environment,The system did not tamper with the behavior of locking the home page and adding spam software,Please don't use big X dishes.,Old X Peach,Deep PE and other PE containing advertising nature to install this system!
After the system is installed,Don't use Tencent Butler 360,Software optimization systems such as,The problem has nothing to do with me!


This system and software are derived from the Internet,Copyright is owned by the respective owners,For temporary testing of PC hardware only,Not for commercial use,I don't take on any technical or copyright issues.,and not legalliability for any resource。Please delete all resources within 72 hours of download。


KMS activation tool recommended:KMS Series Activation Tools

Baidu web disk download tool recommended:Baidu web-download tool PanDownload v2.1.0


Download the address:

Extract code: 12q2



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