Ariwangwang Buyerv8.60.01C Goes Advertising Green Edition

Aliwangwang v8.60.01C Go Advertising Green Edition,This Aliwangwang buyer's version goes to the advertising version,Changed by zd423 Focus.,No security services reside.,No ad bounce window interference! There are no useless features.,Only to meet your pursuit of refreshing needs.,Make your shopping and communication more comfortable.、More intimate!

阿里旺旺买家v8.60.01C 去广告绿色版

This buyer version goes advertising features.:

By zd423. (Focus on modification)

A go to the lower right corner of the pro-Tao bullet window.,Completely prohibit the download installation pro-Tao!

Go to the daily focus e-window.,Go close the Wanxin promotion link in the exit window.;

A go to the main panel "Buyer Show",Go to the Quick Start Zone"Pro-Tao.、Daily Focus button.;

Go to the chat window for all the ads.,Go to the top of the chat window and kiss.、Hit the ground mouse button.;

Go to the chat window on the right side of the "everyone is looking at Hot" picture ads and Wangxin promotional pictures.;

A go to the top of the tao assistant Wangxin promotion picture. 、Go find an image ad on the left side of your friend's window.;

Once you go to the main menu, there are redundant items.:Daily focus.、SMS Wangwang.、Terms of Use.、Software upgrades;

One go option to set the excess content.:Daily focus.,Upgrade、Language、User experience plan.;

One prevents directory ad files from downloading.,Hide the main panel"s comments.,Get help icon.;

One removes the security service resident program.、Schedule the task program.、Mobile assistant all files and other redundant files.;

Delete all upgrade-related file modules.、and prevent the directory from stealing security modules such as automatically updating files.;

AliWangwang Buyer v8.60.01C Goes Advertising Green Refreshing Edition and Old Seller Edition. Access code 61c2.

About the green version of the Google Chrome web page can not automatically be associated with the landing solution.:

Enter chrome in the Google Chrome address bar.://flags / #enable-npapi.,Enable NPAPI!

About the old seller version (non-thousand cattle) release landing prompt version is deactivated restriction method.:

x.xx.xxCConfigurationsstaticconfig.xml file node.:VersionString.

This profile will be located above the software catalog.,The later version number inside changes to the buyer's version number!

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