Text/Hex Editor UltraEdit v26.20.0.6 Chinese Green Special Edition

UltraEdit is a great value text editor.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the text / hex editor UltraEdit Chinese green special edition has been updated.v26.20.0.6.

UltraEdit is a first-class hexadecimal.、Text、Php、Html、Java 、 JavaScript program text editor.。

Description of the app:

UltraEdit - the most powerful value text editor! UltraEdit is the world's leading.,Powerful.,Valuable text editor.、Hex Editor.、HTML Editor.、PHP Editor.、Javascript Editor.、Perl Editor and Program Editor.。UltraEdit is a world-class text editing software.,Supports the configuration of highlightsyntax and the code structure of almost all programming languages.。Built-in English word check.,You can edit multiple files at the same time.,Editing is powerful.,Has a code hint.、Folded.、User-friendly functions such as column operation.。

Choose one of our core themes or try our beautiful user contribution theme.,Let UltraEdit know exactly what you like.。Further.,Create a new theme by modifying it or starting from scratch.,Then contribute it to other users to enjoy.。

UltraEdit is the most powerful in the industry.,The most intuitive multi-insert editing and multi-select functions.。Once your cursor or selection is in your preferred location.,You can copy as usual.,Shear,Paste,Select and delete.。

Html / Markdown live preview.
Want to dynamically view rendered HTML or Markdown changes while editing? Real-time previews of UltraEdit make this possible.。Double-click the element in the preview to jump to the definition in the source.。Highlight and compatibility with Github Flavored Markdown (GFM) code.,UltraEdit is the only editor you need for a buyback.。

If you can search.,UltraEdit will find it.。But the search is almost wrong.。With the ability to search with regular expressions.,Search for files.,Find a needle in a 4GB haystack.,Or just quickly find the word you're looking for.,This is not a search.。It's omniscient.。

Column mode.
When horizontal editing is not good enough.,You can use column mode.。Use column mode to visually edit along the Y axis anywhere in the document.。This is just one of the many powerful ways UltraEdit can help you edit table data or code files.。

Integrated FTP.,SSH and Telnet.
Whether you need to quickly edit files on the server or upload a large code base.,UltraEdit's integrated FTP capabilities and SSH. / Telnet makes it easy to process remote files.,Interact with the server through a single powerful application.。

Customizable UI.
Our menu system was rebuilt from scratch.,Make it more customizable than ever.。We can arrange new menus that are deeply customizable to your needs.。Use ribbon mode to set yourself up.,To get a familiar look and feel.。Or you might prefer a simple toolbar with only the most common features.。The possibilities are endless.。

Edit large files.
UltraEdit is used to edit large files that cause other text editors to crash.。People who work with databases and large log files love our products.。

4k UHD support.
UltraEdit looks great on Retina and other Ultra HD displays.。If you haven't upgraded yet.,There's no need to worry.。When you do.,We'll get you ready.。

UltraEdit is available for Windows.,Mac and Linux.。Even if you have one of the releases that no one has ever heard of.,We are also likely to help you.。

Key features
Easily open and edit large files. – 4 GB and later!
Multiple insert editing and multiple selection.
Column (block) mode editing.
Powerful search capabilities.:Find and replace files.,Regular expression.,Reverse search, etc.。
File comparison
The code syntax of almost all programming languages is highlighted.
A list of code collapse slayered and hierarchical features.
Beautify and reformat the source code.
Powerful XML processing.:The XML tree view.,Reformat.,Validation, etc.。
Turn off XML automatically. / HTML tags.
Smart templates. – Automatic smart code completion.
Edit the topic. – The skin of the whole application.
Powerful and configurable tools.
File and data sorting.
Integrated FTP client (FTP supports.,SFTP and FTPS)
Integrated SSH. / telnet client.
Filtered spelling check.
Unicode. / UTF-8 support.
Split/copy window editing.
Hex editing.
Macros and scripts for automatic editing.
The CSV data is reformatted.
Log file polling.
Files are encrypted and decrypted.
Integrated Ctags (Symbol List)
Base64 encoding/decoding.
Project support.
Powerful bookmarks.


Update the log:

UltraEdit v26.00 Changes.

Powerful command palette.

Easy and quick access to all of UltraEdit's functionality and settings via Ctrl. + Shift + P

Filter commands in search box at top.

Pin command favorites. / Settings to top of list.

Access recently used commands in MRU list.

Run macros., scripts., And user tools directly from command palette.

Javascript / CSS minifier and decompressor

JS/CSS drop down includes reformat, compress, and JavaScript Lint options

New “Formatting” group in Coding tab containing all code reformatting tools

Re-engineered code folding

Open – and fold – huge source files (up to 500 MB)

Faster parsing of huge files with foldable code

Much more accurate and better performing folding

Macro performance overhaul

In many cases, macros complete in 1/3rd of the time of previous versions – in some cases, even faster!

Improved macro performance and stability for huge files

Highlight all occurrences of string on double-click (no Shift required)

Configure under Advanced ? Settings ? Search ? Advanced

Hints bar

See tips and hints contextualized to the work you’re doing

Scroll through all hints

Hints are designed to be automatic and unobtrusive

New “Expand all” / “Collapse all” options in function function list context menu menu.

Status bar shows total number of lines in file.

Modernized key mapping.

Cany to re-map Ctrl. + Tab and Ctrl. + Shift + Tab. (provides browser-tab like switching.)

Replace in Files re-mapped to Ctrl. + Shift + R.

Quick record macro re-mapped to Ctrl. + Shift + Q

ESC dismisses. “Highlight all.” Highlighting.

All user interface., framework., and window s.


Version description:(@roustar31)

Follow up on the official latest version.,Use the new special method.,Block network authorization checks.
Replace the installation package installation interface.

基于官方简体中文版制作,Chinese language files are official Chinese languages.
+ Add UltraEdit Hleper plug-ins (from Silence)
+ Increase all the syntax highlightfile files on the official website.,Supports almost all programming language file sume.
+ The most important thing is:Software has been harmonious.,The installation (decompression) is complete and the registration version is complete.


Download the address:

Official download (Chinese Simplified version. // Latest edition)

Special patch.:IDM full range of software special patch v5.1.


Portable version.:




Genuine specials.:(A small partner with the ability can support a wave)



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