Android System Power Monitor v6.6.6 Paid Unlocked Edition

System Monitor是安卓平台上一款系统信息监测工具现爱绿软为大家带来的安卓 强力监测 System Monitor付费解锁版已经更新到 v6.6.6

System Monitor is a very powerful and beautiful system monitoring software,Includes CPU monitoring、Garbage clean-up、Memory acceleration、Battery monitoring、Power-saving. 你可以同时监测 CPU存储空间、Memory、应用和电池信息

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一款非常强大漂亮的系统监测软件,Includes CPU monitoring、Garbage clean-up、Memory acceleration、Battery monitoring、Power-saving. 你可以同时监测 CPU存储空间、Memory、应用和电池信息强力监测提供各式各样的小工具,Including:One-click acceleration、Memory widgets、CPU widget、Battery widgets、Desktop suspension window、Status bar suspension window、High temperature alert,You can monitor all kinds of information very conveniently through a variety of gadgets,More detailed features are as follows:
★ CPU 监测
实时监测 CPU 的温度和频率分析 CPU 温度和频率的历史使用数据并且支持多核 CPU 频率的同时监测同时提供各个应用的 CPU 温度排行榜
★ High Temperature Alert
Strong monitoring monitors CPU and battery temperatures at all times,High temperature alarms are triggered when the CPU or battery is too hot,Remind you that your phone is too hot.。
★, garbage cleanup.
Simple and powerful garbage clean-up,Clean up the inside of your phone:System waste、Applying garbage、Unused installation package、Uninstall residual files、Ad files。
★ one-click acceleration
强力监测提供一键加速功能,Create a one-click acceleration shortcut on the desktop,Easy to clean up memory at any time。
★ memory acceleration
Easy and fast memory clean-up,Speed up your phone,At the same time you can set up clean whitelist,Filter out apps that need to be retained。
★ suspension window
Desktop suspension windows and status bar suspension windows show CPU temperature in real time、Battery temperature、Memory usage,Powerful and convenient,Real-time information is as if you want to see。
★ Battery Monitoring
Monitor battery temperature and historical usage,Show battery usage status in real time,Including:Battery health、Charge and discharge status、Voltage、Remaining charge、Temperature, etc.。
★ Desktop widget
Support for CPU widgets、Memory widgets、Battery widgets。
★ power-saving features
Power savings by automatically controlling the use of various power-consuming functions,Extend battery life,You can choose extreme power-saving mode,You can also customize the power-saving mode。
★ multi-theme
强力监测在功能强大同时,It's also a very beautiful piece of software.,Support for multi-theme switching,You can choose your favorite theme color。


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